Compensation Plan

We have tried as much as possible to provide a short overview of our AIM Global Marketing Plan to give you a head-start and firsthand information about what differentiates us from all the rest of the companies out there. We give you the right to do the justice to our business plan.

Click play to watch the compensation plan of Alliance In Motion Global Video (AIM GLOBAL).

AIM Global provides you with a high value income opportunity through its most pro distributor compensation plan. By simply doing and accomplishing the above activities the company rewards you with six ways by which you multiply your income through its binary MLM structure:

1. Retail profit income of 25% just sharing and inviting people to use the products:

2. Referral Bonus of N5,000 for every person you refer or invite to join the business and purchase a global package.

3. Matching Bonus of N9,600 every time there is a referral at the left and right side of your binary organization or an equivalent product purchase up to a maximum of N153,200 per day for 1 Global Package Purchased (maximum of 7 Global Packages per single individual account).

The very good thing here is you get N9,600 matching bonus whether the match comes from your direct referral or indirectly from anyone under your network of distributors.

4. Unilevel Income – 5% on monthly purchases of your direct referrals and their respective down lines’ purchases up to the 10th level. The 10 levels are completed from further down when anyone in the top 10 level made no purchase for the month. This applies to all your direct referrals and respective down lines no mater how many (no limit).

AIM Global Unilevel

5. Stair Step Plan (Overriding Commission)

Silver Executive – 10% overriding commission on your group’s sales volume. Achieved when the equivalent points of your group’s sales volume reached 10 points.

Gold Executive – 20% overriding commission on your group’s sales volume. Achieved when the equivalent points of your group’s sales volume reached 100 points.

Global Ambassador – 30% overriding commission on your group’s sales volume. Achieved when the equivalent points of your group’s sales volume reached 1,000 points.

6. G.A. MAX 10 – 2% from any or all of your down line and his/her group’s sales volume who gets promoted to global ambassador.

AIM Global Compensation Plan ADVANTAGES:

  • No “compulsory” selling or re-ordering of products
  • No pyramiding
  • No matrix filling or cycling (because we are not illegal ponzi scheme)
  • No auto-ship
  • No pass up of downlines
  • No demotion
  • Registration is one-time and there’s no need to pay again till eternity, yet you will earn around the clock (as your team activities are growing)
  • Real-time income and activity tracking through our Online Data Tracking System
  • Daily payout to your Nigerian bank accounts
  • Professional training system (to guide you into knowing the business better and presenting it to the world at large – all for FREE!)

AIM Global Marketing plan is indeed a unique one and the best marketing plan in the MLM Industry.


210 replies on “Compensation Plan”

I join the company last year. I refered one person and also use to buy products. I was sick so i couldnt continue. Now if i want to continue would it be possible or to register again. Its more than a year since the last product i bought

I really like the business but I am still planning to add more accounts I just have one account.

One of your partner i met said the matching bonus is 3k while i saw 9600 on your site here, can you please clarify me or she about to manipulate me

One of your partner i met said the Mr Dan, during a seminar, I was informed that matching bonus is 3k while i saw 9600 on the AIM website here, can you please clarify

Until you get referrals. Do not be deceived, there is no free money even in Freetown. Don’t be swayed by liars that we share money every minute, hour or day without any input from you.

It is a TRAP to get your money by those unscrupulous human being or shall I call them animals in human skin.

Don’t be greedy to fall victim of any of them.

Lots of Nigerians are falling for this everyday and it is becoming worrisome that I need to address it.

Your success in AIMGLOBAL network marketing company dedicated to ends in team building and that is, referring people to join you in the pursuit of success.

The more your team grows, the better you earn.

BUT NOTE THAT, you can WITHDRAW those earnings daily without any dilemma.

Am so so impressed!!!!
Indeed am on the right ? track!
Now I know better, I’ve got to fasting my belt for this journey,
Certainly am not looking back & will never do so,
This is my career now!!!!
Aimglobal here I come!!!
I must attain greater hight by his grace!!!

For someone who has registered can he or she register again and having done it online,what’s the assurance of getting your I.D and package?.

Hello Im a part of Aim Global member..if you want to be my great leader you can contact me at this no. WhatsApp# +6395xxxx..thank you..

I am a part of AIM Global. This is m

I am part of AIM
If you need direction on how to join, call this number.08166196130 or WhatsApp

when I become a member and I fail to get two people I do not get a commission or what if two people do not get others what will happen will I make money. is there an agreement between me and the organization

How Long Would It Take Before Me To Start Recieving Alert After Registration? Secondly Does That Mean That I Must Have People Under Me Before Getting Payment? I Want To Be Clared Before Joining U People Please Thanks

The first question depends on how long it takes you to start bringing people into the business. You don’t get any form of alerts without work my brother.

DO NOT listen to liars anywhere telling you to drop money and go to bed. It ain’t gonna work.

Secondly, YES!

You’ve been cleared. 🙂

This company is uncomparable it’s like magic in getting moneybecause I have joined all things are really but I have strong leg my weak leg stopped working but I will never stop till I get my dreams no pain no gain

based on what i have read and understood the business is genuine and good. can i be getting updates in my mail before i get the money complete to register my enterpreneur pack

wow,I heard of this On radio but on going there I was ask to pay 1000 to be train for me to understand how the AIMGlobal works and to be candid there presentation wasn’t clear like yours that I got for free here..I still have the zeal to join

I like the idea of AIM global, but my question is; where does the matching bonus money comes from?? Is it from the registration fee? If so, don’t you think the money will run out before getting to the top, I understand the direct referral which is done ones, but the matching bonus is what I don’t get, where does that 9000k+ come out from? I will appreciate your prompt reply. Thank you

Hello please i want to join this business but i dont have chance to be doing anything after registration Can i get my share without doing anything after registration?

When you say “SHARE”, may I really get to know what you meant to say?

Did anyone tell you you will be entitled to a share in the company or something?

Please answer so I can give you the right response sir.

Thanks for your time.


The best company i have ever joined is AIM Global. I have worked with most of other companies but these is the best of all.products are really amazing.compensation plan is really good and the business is doable I love everything about AIM GLOBLE


You are just getting started to share these kinds of testimonies.

Just keep up with your right mindset and don’t take advantage of others. The sky is your starting point.


good morning, pls the product that will be given to beginniners, what are they used for n how will they market it….

Pls someone paid for two accounts and he was put under me for me to have downline. So my question is how much will these two accounts be in dollars for me to be paid by withdrawing it through my account? Am in Egypt and have already registered but I have some downlines so I want to know.

My ATM card is being processed for me to clear my account by d time it’s out according to my sponsor.

And I have not invited anyone but with the downlines am seeing in my account I have no idea of the amount I would be able to withdraw as my sponsor told me to work out my existing account first before she can put people under me to have another downline.

How true are these claims?

Dear Olabode,

These downlines are just spillover under you (according to the picture sent across to me via Whatsapp). You cannot make any money from them yet, except you personally recruit people into your own team, that would eventually match with those spillovers.

One of the best ways to take advantage of what you are getting from your team or upline presently is to recruit other people to be your own downline. I mean, those you personally sponsored.

They’d, later on, form the basis of your business existence and success.

Do make the mistake of resting your laurels on what someone has spilled over to your leg.

It is not your own effort and won’t count until you do the work – duplicate yourself.

– GA Olawale Daniel

I am interested, and I want to join, but I want to know if there’s any center in Calabar where I can be part of the training after I register, and if it can be done part time

Yes, you can do the business on part-time basis. You don’t have to stress quit your job yet until it has started making much more sense to you than your current job.

I’d recommend you get started immediately.

And regarding a training centre in Calabar, AIM Global have not yet opened CALABAR BRANCH yet but it is in the pipeline.

Maybe you could also be part of the pioneer of the business if you decide to start today.


Call me to get started.

I can tell anyone out there who is skeptical but would want to join AIM GLOBAL that AIM Global is a real Network Marketing Company that pays more than any other out there..I say that with confidence because I am an affiliate member of the company with just 3 months in the company and I’m already earning over USD$700 on a weekly basis repeatedly. Isn’t that wonderful for any ordinary guy out there…There are no limits here.

If you get people online that is interested in joining your business, it is very easy to get them registered. You can use our online registration form or get in touch with our team leader on +2348166196130 for guidance.

Please I’ve just been introduced to the business and I am interested to join but need further details on it and a sponsor. Please I would be very GLAD if we could use Whatsapp as a means of communication. My whatsapp line is 054xxx1

Dear Alhaji,

It feels great to know that you are interested in joining alliance in motion global through the APEX Team. Kindly get in touch with me on +2348166196130. Although, I will personally chat you up, but please save my line for easy orientation.


planning to be a member but can some one depend on this for a living? how and what will that require

Mr. Benjamin,

I must be frank and in all manner of honesty, there is no better industry out there that pays more than network marketing industry. And the good news is, Alliance In Motion Global, aka AIM GLOBAL has pride itself as the leader in this industry to help people achieve their individual aims and objectives in life.

So, you can be rest assured of depending on this as one of your main source of income and livelihood provided you take your time to plan how to go about the business.

You can contact me for help on getting started via +2348166196130.

Olawale Daniel

Please I want to register but am in Italy now how will I do it,please answer mi on this number +3932xxxxxx.

Please I want to join but I need more clarification here is my no. 081xx88xx28(whatsapp no.)

A lady invited us today and boldly told us that we don’t need to invite anyone to get paid. But from what I am seeing now shows you must invite. Please who should I believe?

Believe me with all your heart and your pocket because if you don’t, you are just about to lose your money to lies people told to get others into our business. Our business model is real and straight forward, you have to recruit people to earn. No kidding about that!

I have gotten to a stage in my life where I don’t need to prove anything for people to believe me or not.

But try not to believe me and see!

Thanks for your time.

I want know something, how i will be understand the business well if u not have time to go to aimglobal branch office?

Hi Usman,

I personally it is up to you to either quickly grab the opportunity or staying on the fence. You don’t have to necessarily go to AIMGLOBAL offices before you could gain an idea of the business. All what you need is the desire to know it and time to learn how it works.

We could provide you some materials for your perusal in respect to this.

Message me via Whatsapp on 08166196130 for more information.

I am a distributor registered with one full package (Global package), that is one account. Is it possible to upgrade to make it either 3 accounts or 7 accounts. If possible, kindly tell me how?

Yes, you can upgrade your account from one to three and seven respectively.

Doing that would enable you to earn more from different places with the same efforts.

Welcome aboard.


Hi Victor,
WhatsApp the admin for guidance regarding this question. One of AIM Global Nigeria representatives will get in touch with you shortly.

If register with 38k .how much in naira value am I going to receive any time somebody shops under me? and if I fail to get any body,will a person registered by my referal fall under me.pls clerify me well .am interested and ve d money to participate. I attended ur seminar in bayelsa state but I was not well convinced or explained to.tnx.looking forward to hearing from u

It’s still not clear what exactly is in the starter global package. Can I also progress by just bringing it people to register? I am not good at selling stuff.

I have just signed for 7 accounts. How do I can benefit maximum and start my network marketing??

pls i will like to knw more about this business and exactly how it work, if u will be paid only if u bring some one to join . again i will like to knw how the payment like if is monthly or weekly payment and how much to be receiving .

If your team is not doing well, is it possible to transfer your account to a team you know that will encourage you to do better?

Unfortunately, you can’t. But you can intentionally re-register with the other team that would help you achieve your dreams so far you have the money.

However, you would have to forgo the first account to do that.

You cannot run in two accounts with different teams in AimGlobal. It is either you are here or you are there.

I hope you get that?

Thanks for your comment Jennifer. We are doing our best to make things easier for our partners across the world. AIM APEX TEAM is still and will always be the best because we have the interest of everybody at heart.


Dear Victor,

There is no free food even in Freetown. you don’t get paid for doing nothing!

If you join with 7 account, you need to still work on this business to keep earning, this is not an investment plan where you put money and sleep then wait for it to double, you have a role to play.

Kindly speak with who introduced you to guide you further.

I need more information on the registration aspect. How much do i need to start? Do i need to become your sales rep? Do you have people who need the product? How do i make money? Pls

Hello Olivier,
This business is real, I will advice you to contact one of my partners in Congo, so that they can get you onboard!
call: Dr. Francis +250788300456


Hi Favour,
we will be glad to have you on our team! call/WhatsApp ONLY me on 08166196130 to get started!

pls i am interested bt will like 2 knw more abt it . Can u send me a detailed/explanatory info to my email. Thanks in advance

A colleague first told me about this alliance in motion business, All you need to start is your determination to succeed which I think you already possessed. I’m happy to be involved in this legitimate opportunity with you.

I am happy for you too Suleiman for taking the bull by the horn and trying something worthwhile out at last. Many at times find it too good to be true that a company from Philippines can come into Nigeria making waves with slogan “Turning Ordinary Nigerians into Extraordinary Millionaires” but the truth and fact is, it is truly as it is.

May God continue to guide you towards maximizing the opportunity. Power!

– Olawale Daniel
08166196130, 08087779782

Am a student of enugu state university, am from ebonyi state i am fully interesting, but am no financialy fit now is there way or an alternative for me to join .And what are the benefit of someone start with starter, and for how long will the person start to benefit from the business, how much will it be, is it on daliy or weekly or munthly.

I had about Alliance in motion multi level marketing business plan yesterday been 14th Febuary, 2016. It seem to be a cool and fast growing business, i will join but right now i do not have #36,000 (naira) for now. Please to who it may concern, is there any other alternative for me?

Mr. Yusuf.

When I first read your comment, I was just laughing because of the phrase “tempting”. Indeed Alliance In Motion business plan ought to tempt anyone to rethink how they view the network marketing industry because the game has changed a lot. Gone are the days of COMPULSORY selling before you can earn a dime. Today, either you buy or not, the business continue and no one will delete or cancel your membership due to inactivity unlike other networks.

I strongly believe God has a purpose for your life which brings you here and you are the one that will make that realistic.

Kindly speak to me on phone via 08166196130 or 08087779782 mentioning your name, we will see what we can do about that.

Olawale Daniel

Perhaps I will wanna join and do not want to sell the products but just register
How will that look like?
Can something be done about the registration fee? Like bring it down

Your question is into two places Mr. Charlie.

If you mean that HAVING TO SELL PRODUCTS online, like our upcoming AIM WORLD PRODUCT called IPROTECT, I will say Yes to that because it is going to be exclusively sold online. And the transaction will be handled by AIM WORLD, your work is to just direct people to your own affiliate link.

Then if you mean that buying or selling of products like C247, Restorlyf, Choleduz, Complete and the rest; you are the determinant of that but buying or selling is totally NOT COMPULSORY.

If you don’t buy or sell, certainly some other people would do so in your network because according to statistics we have collected so far, most people we have surveyed says they joined because of certain ailments or the other that they’ve heard people sharing testimonies about. It is obvious and of a good fact that AIM GLOBAL products are EXCELLENT and beyond words, but it is until when you taste the alkaline coffee or have a feeling of the Chocolaty MyChoco drink before you can pass your real comment.

Back to my actual point which I was driving at, BUYING or SELLING is OPTIONAL and you decide what you want to achieve with your team. AIMGLOBAL puts you in the driving seat of the business and it is now left for you to decide how you want your business to be run but remember, the company is always behind you as long as you adhere to its policy and goals and vision.

Thanks for your time and do reply if you are not clear of my responses.
OLawale Daniel

I was invited by a business friend who joined this business earlier but I turned down the offer because I despised MLM business at the time. When we met again one and a half years later and saw how much money my friend had made from the business, I became convinced it’s a good business so I joined recently and I’m determined to make it work for me as well. You are welcome to join me right here right now. No time to waste cos I’ve already wasted enough time for the two of my line for more information. PAAWEE.

Mr olawale have been wanting to get your number I misplaced it on my phone so can we get down concerning the aim global business setup for me.

AIM GLOBAL is not an investment scheme where you put your money and relax to yield. It is a network marketing opportunity that requires you sharing with ATLEAST TWO FRIENDS of yours that you’d like their own stories to change like yours.

If you don’t refer anybody in one month, there’s nothing happening except some of your existing downlines referred people and you will have matching bonuses through the pairing.

I hope you get that?

Please am highly depressed by what I encounter with aim global.
I registered with 3 accounts and I have spoken to so many people only to have two persons as my direct referral .
After spending N252,000 I have not been able to sign up all 8 persons as my direct referral?
am so so unhappy

business itself is a risk, Is this business a risk free business? How can you know when someone is registerd under you either through your refferer or otherwise. Once you got your 5,700 can you witdraw the exact money or some deduction will be made.

Please i want to ask a question, what happens if ur group or team stop growing?. Will d earnings continue or stop coming?. Pls i need answers to dis question

I never really followed up on the other network companies but a lot of them where this promising except that I still haven’t seen their millionaires. So my question is, what makes yours different?

The results are obvious…we are not saying we are the perfect but we can assure you that we can deliver the best that you can never experience elsewhere; as long as you do what is required of you as a loyal distributor of the company. Our company policy is available for perusing for every distributors for ease of understanding and growing big in building their network of loyal distributors using the AIM GLOBAL friendship and charity-like platform.

Thanks Mr. Ayoade for believing in me!

I know you’d be proud you joined our business, especially through my tutelage. We haven’t achieved much together, expect more!

UPDATE: For those of you who would like to work with Mr. Ayoade, you can reach him on 08028749277. He resides in Ibadan and can attend to you anywhere around the south western Nigeria.

i want to join this new alliance in motion global but i want to advise them to open an office here in jos thanks

if you are interested in this great opportunity knocking at your door contact me if you are in Portharcourt , Akure or Ado Ekiti..WhatsApp ONLY ♍ƺ. Thanks

Am so happy to be part of the family of alliance in motion my fellow brothers and sister it is real. Am a friend to you all. Get in touch with me.

I have watched the video but yet am still not cleared, please after the registration, what next and what is this Sponsor am hearing about and how can one be my sponsor? Thanks
Best Regard!


It is not possible except you are going to dissolve your current account totally.

We have been receiving several complaints from distributors regarding dishonesty of uplines. But I think the best way to go about this is to find the right person that will call the upline into check – you can speak to your 2nd or 3rd Generation upline for help.

You can amicably resolve any differences between you, but if the problem persists, then you can request for cancellation of your account before you can then look for other team that will provide the kind of leadership you most desired (note: re-registering will cost you another global package fee).

But it must be mutually agreed on by the two parties involved.

Please can you explain how the earnings are achieved particularly when one registers for the seven hands and how often are the earnings paid. Thank you

Dear friends it is real ,know it that the billonaria you want to be is in your doorstep now.hurry to and join the moving train

A bank colleague first told me about this alliance in motion business, I didn’t take it for a thought until someone from my church choir group explained it to me yesterday. Right now, I’m fired for success. I need to get started fast. How do I start?

Thank you mr Olawale Daniel for showing me the way. I’m happy to be involved in this legitimate opportunity with you. I look forward to learn more and grow under your tutelage.

You already have the zeal and passion to get ahead. What is left is for you to obtain your registration form and make the necessary payment. That’s all you need to be in the system.

– Olawale Daniel

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