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How does Alliance Work?

What is so special about AIM Global (Alliance In Motion)?

You’ll be given free products to use and share worth your money but the business is not about selling it. It is about recruitment.

Just invite your first and second person because they make use of HYBRID BINARY COMPENSATION plan.

That’s the major requirements to start earning immediately (though, there are many other earning potentials like the Unilevel and Stair-steps but let’s focus on this now). If you want to know more about our compensation plan, you can watch the video here.

By registering your two. You will make 1900 in two places for the two people you referred (direct referral bonuses). And the system will also pay you 5700 as matching bonus bcos there is someone on the right and on the left of your team.

That’s 9500 if you sum them together for inviting just two right?

You know, your two people would also want to earn their first 9500, just tell them to sponsor two people and they will earn that. But what will happen to you knowing that they are not directly referred by you and you might not even know them?

The system says whenever there’s somebody on the right team and another on the left team, we will match them for you and pay 5700 till infinity.
Isn’t that awesome?

That means you’ll be getting 5700 in two places again for not doing anything.

Leave the product out of this, let’s talk about recruiting because there’s no requirements to sell or buy a product to earn in AIM Global (Alliance In Motion).

You can decide to buy if you need the product for personal consumption, but there’s no requirement to do it or not. You’re in control!

About the Author Olawale Daniel

I'm a millionaire-maker! Over the years, I have been rocking the boat, but when I discovered the potentiality of Alliance In Motion Global, I left the boat of under-achievement and followed the light of AIM GLOBAL and here am I today! A millionaire-maker with thousands of multi-millionaires in my team spreading across the world and achieving their life dreams. Through the help of God and Alliance In Motion Global, I've travelled places, made enough money than I could spend, impacted generations and touched so many lives through this opportunity. It wouldn't have been this easy if I didn't start few months ago! You could be the next in line for upliftment in this Alliance In Motion business, if you don't doubt it for a second. I belong to ALLIANCE IN MOTION APEX TEAM WORLDWIDE, known for short as AIM APEX TEAM. You can read more about the team's exploits here Call me or text 08166196130 or 08087779782 to join my team today and see what God can do through you to help the next generation.

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AIM Global is Turning Ordinary People into Extraordinary Millionaires. Are you ready to be One?

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