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News – Kenneth Omeruo joins AIMGlobal distribution network and endorsed the business for African youths

Kenneth Omeruo, Chelsea FC of England and Super Eagles of Nigeria defensive player signed life contract with AIMGLOBAL!!!

Breaking News!!! Kenneth Omeruo of Chelsea FC and Super Eagles of Nigeria powerful defender has just signed an official life-contract with Alliance In Motion Global (AIMGLOBAL) today, paving way for generation of sport stars to come onboard.

Goodnews to all AIMGLOBAL Nigeria distributors and fellow partners across the world for doing business with this amazing world-leading company for healthy living products and wealth distribution. Prominent Nigerians; men of timber and calibre, celebrities, high flyers, game changers in the economy, top government bodies, and individuals, are swiftly cutting their own part of the AIMGlobal cake, not because everyone else are joining AIMGLOBAL, but because they have seen the mistakes others had made in the past and they wouldn’t want to commit same error again in order to leave a lasting legacy for their families.

Our forefathers would had run with this opportunity had it been they had someone to preach the Gospel of Alliance In Motion Global to them like we are trying to do now. I’m convinced within me this is what Kenneth Omeruo saw that made him jumped on the opportunity of becoming an AIMGLOBAL AMBASSADOR, or let me say, the pioneer of the business in the sporting industry.

Kenneth Omeruo of Chelsea FC of England and Super Eagles of Nigeria joins and endorses Alliance In Motion Global business model.Chelsea FC of England and Super Eagles of Nigeria defender, Kenneth Joasiah Omeruo endorses Alliance In Motion Global business model for younger generations.

Kenneth Omeruo, Chelsea FC of England and Nigerian Super eagles defender has followed in the footsteps of prominent Nigerians like Ijeoma Nnaji (Nollywood celebs), David Mark (Ex-Senate President of the federation), Charles Soludo families (former CBN governor), that had joined AIMGLOBAL just like everyone else. And of recent, about 16 serving senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are onboard doing the business on full term basis.

Like the people above, Kenneth Omeruo saw this vision today, and guess what, he immediately joined, paving the way for several other football stars to become proud AIMGLOBAL distributors nationwide.

According to him, he said

“I don’t want to make the same mistake some of the Ex-Super Eagles players made, they didnt plan for their future when they were making a lot of money as a football player.”

He continued further saying,

“I joined AIM GLOBAL to have a plan B, and I am ready to work on this business opportunity, I am going to tell my club-mates about this business and I am going to empower as many youth as I can in Africa.”

Author’s Note:

According to my research, Kenneth Omeruo is earning over 7 million naira weekly as a Chelsea player, yet he still find time to have a Plan B, what are you waiting for?

Remember, there are countless number of jobless youths out there not earning up to 1% of his weekly income per annum, and this is an avenue for you to empower and enlighten them about the 21st century economy – because we are in the conceptual age. A type of economy where looking for job is no longer a realistic or viable option.

If you are earning 200k monthly and you’re thinking AIM global is not for you, well its your choice. 

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