AIMGlobal Registration: How to Register Your Account in Alliance In Motion in Less Than 5 Minutes

Want to do your AIM Global Registration? Join the business of the 21st century that is raising real millionaires by turning ordinary people into instant success.

What is AIM Global (Alliance In Motion Global)?

Alliance in Motion Global Inc. (also known as AIMGLOBAL or I AIM Global) is an MLM-Network Marketing company based in the Philippines, presently in more than 30 countries with a major focus on aggressive global expansion.

Alliance In Motion Global Nigeria is only the exclusive worldwide distributor of premium nutritional supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way – the #1 food supplement/herbal manufacturer in the USA and world leader in delivering high-quality products that promote wellness to the user.

AIM Global is recently awarded as “Best Company in the Network Marketing Industry” by the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA), an independent institution for monitoring the network marketing industry. Its Visionary President and CEO, Dr. Ed Cabantog, is likewise awarded as among the “Best of the Best leader in the Industry”.

AIM GLOBAL is the business of the 21st century that delivers on its promises of raising real millionaires by turning ordinary people into an instant success story, and here is how to register for Alliance In Motion Global business opportunity, and become a lifetime member (thereby opening the doors of residual income generation for you and your loved ones) with this step-by-step explanation.

If You don’t know how AIM Global works and How to make money from this Business, Click Here

Watch My Video Explanation Below for Full Details on How this Business Works:


Joining Alliance in Motion Global Nigeria is pretty simple, we have streamlined the whole process for you. There are two ways by which you can register; the manual way and the Online Way

  • Your first step to achieving your goals is to decide to start this business today!
  • The Second Step is to Join the RIGHT Team – You need to join a Moving and Growing Team that can help you Grow fast in this business. If you are reading this, then you a fortunate person.    

Join my growing team of Millionaires today by contacting me for your AIMGlobal registration; the Team you join plays a major role in your success.
You can WhatsApp Rachael on +2348148447791


For Nigerians: To Join AIM Global, you can pay directly into any of the Alliance In Motion Global local bank accounts below that is nearest to you.

Once you have made your payment, (check below for the amount), send the TELLER NUMBER, YOUR FULL NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, ADDRESS (we’ll as well ship your starter kit to this address) as text message to +2348166196130 or email as soon as you made the payment so that we can process your AIMGlobal registration within 2 to 3 hours maximum.

How much does it cost to start AIM GLOBAL Business?

The rate to start Alliance in Motion Global Business in your country may defer from the one displayed here (we use USD and Naira by default), but you can always use this Currency Converter to convert to your local currency.

We have 4 different packages namely;

Global Starter Package  = N38,000

Entrepreneur Package   = N 114,000

International Business  = N266,000

Global Mega PackageN70,000

aim compensation2

PLEASE NOTE: USD stands for United States of America US Dollar and the sign # stands for the Nigerian Naira. And please note that this rate may fluctuates over the time, you are thereby admonished to check the dollar converter on Google to know the current rate in your local currency.

Paying from other Countries apart from Nigeria?

Due to an increase in people’s exposure to our business opportunity and our efforts to expand to every corner of the world, people from outside Nigeria can also take advantage of this business by getting in touch with us

. We will arrange how you can safely come onboard with ease. You can pay via Western Union, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Direct bank transfer/deposit. Just contact us for directions.


You can pay into any of the bank accounts below, and send teller details to us after payment.

ACCOUNT NAME: AIM Global Nig. Ltd.


Access Bank: 0689695216
Zenith Bank: 1130070042

PLEASE NOTE: You must use your full name while making the payment to aid the processing.

Once you make the payment, you will still need to be registered by one of our team members, so you should contact any of our representatives below for immediate AIMGlobal registration and guidance:

Daniel: 08166196130 (WhatsApp ONLY, SMS, WhatsApp ONLY & Skype Inclusive)

  • Your first step to achieving your goals is to decide to start this business today!
  • The Second Step is to Join the RIGHT Team – You need to join a Moving and Growing Team that can help you Grow fast in this business. If you are reading this, then you a fortunate person.    

Join my growing team of Millionaires today by contacting me for your AIMGlobal registration; the Team you join plays a major role in your success. 


353 replies on “AIMGlobal Registration: How to Register Your Account in Alliance In Motion in Less Than 5 Minutes”

Acct: 0047518422
Amt: 100,000.00 DR ,COMM+VAT= 53.75
Avail Bal: 24,837.39
And #14000 in cash.

Speak with your sponsor. He sure has the right tools and ideas on how you can make the business real. Except you were registered based on lies, you’ll learn a lot from your sponsor.

I once been a member. I register with 38000 Naira but I could not be able to continue because a common man can’t patronize the product. What will i do

I registered Allianceinmotion in the year 2014 OR 2015 if I want to login, I found it difficult.
Pls help me with my username and password.

That’s great Chioma. Message or call me on 08166196130 now to get yourself registered. Or drop your phone number to get a priority call from me.

I look forward to helping you get started.

Mr. Eze,

I think we’ve discussed about this on the phone?

You can follow up our last discussion to get yourself registered into the AIM APEX TEAM WORLDWIDE.

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

We have three types of registration categories to choose from, namely:

STARTER (1 account) – *#38000* with potential earning of #96K – #153K daily.

*ENTREPRENEUR (3 Accounts) – *#114,000* with potential earning of #250K – 450K or more daily.

INTERNATIONAL BUILDERS (7 Accounts) – *#266,000* with potential daily earning of #500K and more daily.

NB: Remember that all these figures are calculated in Nigerian ?? Naira. Dollar exchange rate can be converted upon demand.

I attended a Own your life campaign recently, but contrally to the website, the facilitator said the bonus for referral is N3000, pls confirm

Then pay for the package of your interest to:


Access Bank: 0689695216
Zenith Bank: 1130070042
Ecobank: 3312052892
Fidelity Bank: 5030069002

After payment, send the payment confirmation proof to this number on Whatsapp 08166196130 or call for processing.

Result is out there speaking for us. Over 30,000 team members spanning 7 continents of the world doing great in their international business.

AIM APEX TEAM holds the record for selfless leadership excellence in propagating the AIMGlobal agenda.

Join us and you won’t regret it.

Call or Whatsapp +2348166196130
for inquiries and detailed explanation of the business before joining.
hoping to hear from you.
success team……..Aim global

If after I registered I was unable to invite any prospect to join will I still be compensation from AIM

Join through my team now and be ready to have people joining under you from Dubai, Kenya, Central Africa Republic, Nigeria and many more countries, I base in Dubai doing the business, whatsapp me on 08148447791.

It is too early!

Knowing whether you are growing or not depends on the volume of your team activities.

If they are not registering people, they must be buying products and vice versa.

It is not how, you should note this, but how well.

Don’t let anyone push you…just be patient and build from scratch.

Hello, I registered for AIM sometime in 2015 and traveled for the missionary work in Malawi and since then I lost contact with all since I lost my ID on transit, is there a way I could trace my account back?

Good day sir, I have already registered partially. How do I make my earnings after completing my registration. Pleeas I need more explanation

Please does aim global required referral and if yes what is the number of needed to be referred through me or registered and what will be my benefits?


I thank God for the business, it’s a very nice business but my self have never been getting anything from the business so let me still keep on moving

I went for your seminar today, bit am not totally convinced.. Shed more light to convince me more because I want to become a millionaire too….thanks

Good day, I just want to know how long will it take for me to log on to your platform in order to monitor my down line and at the same time monitor my instant bonus and matching bonus. I registered on the 4th of august with #38000 received my kit through own your life campaign office. I need to have my details ready to enable get more down line because they say “seeing is believing”

I opted for a #38 000 package I filled a form, my ID code was generated after paying to Zenith bank account which was two weeks ago yet I have not receive my package(suppliments drugs) and one thing I observed is that in the form there is no provision for one’s account details. so how do someone like me get my dividends when I have a team as upland?

My upline is Rev. Moses Mache, I registered at a Global Alliance in Motion Seminar @ Fen Hotel, Lokoja, Kogi State

Can I get to speak with him please. Drop me his contact number via my line 08166196130 on Whatsapp.

I will call him to get to know what’s delaying your package and starter kit.

Sorry for the experience.

Greetings. I have sent you a massage on how to get started with you guys, but no any answers is available to my questions. Thanks

Dear Mustapha,

Kindly drop me a message on +2348166196130.

Or send me your number, I will personally give you a call back to get you started.

I am certain your email would be returned shortly by one of our representatives.

Sorry for the delay.

Hello! Am from Maiduguri, Borno state. I was interested in registering with AIM. I need any useful pieces of information on how to get on-board via my mail or contact number +234

Yes, except if your upline or team leaders spill over other people under you. And that must mean, they spilled over to your two legs at regular intervals. If not, I’m sorry to break the bad news, you ain’t gonna earn nothing except you put the hard work.

This business is for people who see the future in doing it, not just about the money of today, but financial freedom and other benefits it offers.


Mr. Eria.

You need to pay 38,000 to join in the happiness we share in AIM Global business.

You can call me on +2348166196130 or chat me on Whatsapp to get started.

Our team is the leading team across Africa and the rest of the world, AIM APEX.

Don’t wait on it.

– Dan

Am ready to join but I want to know the different between staring package and mega package

Hi namesake,

I’d love to share more details with you on the difference between the starting package and the Mega Pack.

Could you please message me on whatsapp via: +2348166196130 for instant help?

Or drop your contact and let me give you a call to properly explain and guide you?

I Want To Pay Into Money Of My Register In Aim Global Business In Nigeria.
So How Much Can Be Pay Into?
Is 3,8000 Naira?
Please I Need Answer

Hi Samuel,

Kindly message me directly for help regarding your payment and global package.

Reach me via +2348166196130 or +2348148447791.

Looking forward to helping you out.

How does the Entrepreneur Package of N 114,000 and the International Business of N266,000 work? I am interested.

Hey Ugochukwu,

Can you please drop me an email or a text via +2348166196130 or +2348148447791.

I will be able to properly explain all the details to you.

Looking forward to helping you out.

My location is warri Nigeria I have attended a seminar on Aliance Global and I registered immediately with 36,000 as new in the business I was given the product pack I also sponsored a radio advert with 15,000 but everything went just like that . Am asking if that registration I can still build on it thanks.

It depends on what you mean about that registration. If you mean to ask if you could still add more accounts go the existing one you have. It is a yes!

But if your question is something else, I’d be happy to help you out. Just drop me more details.

Dear Antony,

We’d be glad to have you in our team. Kindly speak with Mr. Daniel on +2348166196130 for guidance and guidelines on getting yourself on board.

AIM Global is the best for you.

Welcome once again friend.

– Olawale Daniel

If i pay d money for d registration, how much do i stand to get and how often will i be gettin it, please be sincere

Kindly get in touch with Mr. Kosono so that I can connect you the management of AimGlobal Ghana or if there are other options for you.

My Whatsapp is +2348166196130

Kindly send me your contact too.

Hi Victor,
All you have to do is to invite two people onboard to get started in the business.
If you could get this done, the rest will follow.


Please I don’t understand how it work but am interested in investing, if I should start or open an account with 36000, how can I gain in the business or how can I be rewarded!!! Because I don’t have any business on my own.. am a student I need something or where I can build up my future.. please I need more details thanks

Please I don’t understand how it work but am interested in investing, if I should start or open an account with 36000, how can I gain in the business or how can I be rewarded!!! Because I don’t have any business on my own.. am a student I need something or where I can build up my future.. please I need more details thanks

Alliance in motion global is really doing great work to the community,,wish am finicially stable could am joined

So Without The Above Stated Amount, It Would Be Impossible For Me To Complete My Registration. Right?

I want to join but iam afraid of networking business because of my experience with mmm and twinkas. pls help dispel my fears. tnx

You need no one to help you remove your fears. You either believe it or not, the choice is yours. With all the information at your disposal, the convincing aspect should be from yourself.

Enough of lies in this industry…convince yourself sir. 🙂

Daniel Olawale

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your help so far with our team in east africa. we appreciate your support sir.

I am highly humbled to have been of help to your team. We are just a tool used by the almighty to do wonders…it is actually not our power by His grace.

It is an honor that you are blessed through what we are doing.

Thank you
Olawale Daniel

am so happy to hear about this AIM I love it i will joint it very soon my regard to AIM

Am in uganda..i want to volunteer in Alliance in motion.before joining..hw can i go with it and which number can i contact

Yes, it is possible. There’s no limit in this world except the fences we built for ourselves.

Who said you couldn’t make money even while you are still studying?

That’s a lie.

Get started and let’s roll.

Get in touch for professional help if you need one. I am available to help and guide you.

What about if you are in Ghana and you decide to join online will pay with the same account number if you can find the same bank which have be post on your comment like zenith bank, and the account name as aim global Nig Ltd?

I do appreciate and interested to join AIM. Would like to know where I can find your offices in Uganda

To join its expensive can you help in other ways maybe u join start buying the products and pay later after becoming a Millioner because most of us are youths we can’t afford such amount

Please a.i.m people is it only in lagos that you have a branch in Nigeria.? am in Aba,abia state n’ dont know how to get in touch so.. what could be done??

We have different offices nationwide after Lagos office, namely; Abuja, Ibadan, Kano, Onitsha, Port Harcourt, you can transact your business in any of these AIMGLOBAL offices nationwide.

However, may I know what you’d like to do Mr. Akwara so as to direct you properly?

Firstly, if it is registration, you can do that without having to travel down to Lagos or even any of these offices by using our online registration page located here => [Online Registration Procedures].

Secondly, if it is to buy products, our online shop located here => [Aimglobal Product’s Online Shop].

And lastly, if what you are looking for is beyond this, such as; Bank Account Linkage process, Feedback and complaints, Seminar presentation, then you can easily travel down to any of the offices provided above to have your issue resolved.

We believe these information are enough to guide you accordingly on what to and not to do?

Thanks for your time,



If you want to register into the FASTEST MOVING TEAM in AIMGLOBAL, then consider joining the AIM APEX TEAM WORLDWIDE family where we care about the integrity of the system simply by doing what is right; which is to sponsoring and working with you until you succeed while you as well do the same for your individual leaders. We are looking for serious-minded game-changers to join our ever-growing, ever-expanding family all across the world to make the world a better place to live in.

We promise you that, you will maximum your potentials with us while you are as well making money and helping others do likewise.

But he question is, wouldn’t you rather make money with us?

AIM APEX is aiming at taking you to the APEX of AIMGLOBAL success train, get on board today!


Hi Teddy,

Let’s roll on WhatsApp. You can discuss with me and let’s talk about the various plans available.

Dear Brother,

My name is Peter mk Jatta and I am from The Gambia West Africa and now residing in the United States in the State of New Jersey. I would like to Join Aim Alliance in Motion Global. I would like to register in the Gambia. What is the method of payment that you accept?

Is it possible to register under two Contact names or just a Single Name?


Dear brother Peter,

If I may get you correctly, did you mean a name such as; OLAWALE DANIEL TAYO instead of just using DANIEL as the name or you are referring to something else?

I’d like you to shed more light on your question.

Meanwhile, you can easily register from your base in New Jersey using our online registration form here. You can as well use manual mode to pay for your registration by contacting me on WhatsApp ONLY or Facebook using +2348166196130.

I’d be ever ready to guide you to succeed in the business.

Olawale Daniel

Then you are the one I have been looking for as long as you have got the right passion to achieve success. Get in touch with me and let’s create something together that the world will be proud of very soon.

Ring me on +2348166196130, 08087779782 or WhatsApp ONLY.

Olawale Daniel

Hello, Suppose one register with the Global Package ( Starter). Is it possible to upgrade to 3 0r 7 Accounts later on?

Hello Peter,
Yes, you can upgrade anytime… You can reach me on: +2348166196130 for your registration..


It cost 6,200 naira. Go to our online shop to order right away.

We do same day home delivery across the nation.


Hello Buturus,

You’re already onboard. I remembered you are from South Sudan if I am correct and our leader from Rwanda will soon be with you guys for team growth and strategic meeting.

Dr. Francis GoodRich will be in your country next week to facilitate with you how to grow and create more millionaires in the country.


Am a Cameroonian by nationality but resident in UAE,Sila, interested to join alliance but is like u haven’t opened a branch in my Country.i will be greatful ,if u can tell or inlighten me on how to become a partner of alliance .

Hi, you can easily join us from UAE, we have an office over there, call/WhatsApp ONLY me for guidance: +2348166196130

Is it compulsory I must have a sponsor? I mean on the online form,i notice there’s a mandatory column for the name of the person who notify you of the business. What if I just found out about the business through an advert and decide to register. How do I go about it without the sponsorship???

This is very simple to approach Miss. Monica. What you do in this regard is you input DEFAULT as the name/ID of your inviter. By this reason, we will automatically register you under the next available person in the team genealogy.

The total number of people joining the AIM APEX TEAM WORLDWIDE daily is enormous and we cannot but continue to track everyone so that everybody benefits from their efforts. If you are invited, please indicate, but if you are not, just input default or just include the name of the source at which you heard or read about it.

Thanks for your sincerity and I’d love to connect with you and share some information with you. I wouldn’t mind if you can give me a call on +2348166196130 or text me your line or reply via this medium.

Thanks once again as we anticipate working together any moment soon.


I want to join AIM,where is your office located in ph.i also want to study the ebook very well,looking forword to work with you next week monday

Dear Mr. Ogbonna,

I can’t wait to start working with you next week Monday.

Please reach me through +2348166196130 for team growth discussion and strategies.

Let’s get something started immediately.

GA Olawale Daniel

Nice. I love this business. Thanks to you Mr. Olawale Daniel for all your continual support for us. We love you from INDIA.

I’m pleased to know you have been helped by the information we are sharing here. By the grace of God, I will soon be in India. It is my second country after Nigeria 🙂

– Daniel

What rate do you use to convert the dollars to naira, does the company have a special rate or you guy use the normal rate in Nigeria. So my question is what is the current price to register and does this price change?

Thank you


The price is 38,000 naira for a single account. The price does not change, it is a constant price no matter the exchange rate.

Please take note of that.

Capital NO!

However, I can also say, YES!


If you happen to be in an active team, you could earn from spill overs but it would be limited compared to you inviting your 2 people and they as well duplicating the same process.

You cannot compare DOING YOUR OWN BUSINESS WITH DEPENDING ON SOMEONE TO DO IT FOR YOU. If you are not interested in doing it, then do not register because getting just 2 PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD shouldn’t be your burden except you aren’t friendly, lovely, caring and helpful to others. And meanwhile, the people you are inviting are not coming just to come and help you earn but instead, YOU ARE HELPING THEM TO COME AND ENJOY A BETTER LIFE THAN THEY ARE ENJOYING NOW.

So, I don’t see any reason why I would not get two people to be part of my project that is aimed at helping others forge ahead in life.

Just be real and don’t be too emotional, some will join and some won’t….

GA Olawale Daniel

please Daniel, I will need a copy of the book too. I wanna go through it because I hope to a partner soon.

Yes thank you it’s so wonderful, am in South Sudan and I want to get registered. Besides the procedures give above in fact I have even started passing this good news to my fellow youth who really want to hold there future but their asking how will they be payed in their currency ie South Sudanese pounds (SSP) and the equivalent of the money in SSP.

thank you if you don’t care you can write direct to my email.

As soon as AIMGLOBAL SOUTH SUDAN office is opened officially, people from this location can easily withdraw in their local currency but as of now, they are presently pioneers and the result of their pioneering will determine the growth and expansion potentials.

Thanks my partner, Mr. Nyombi.

Thank God you have decided to partner with movers and shakers of this industry…I mean, ALLIANCE IN MOTION as an MLM giant, and AIM APEX TEAM WORLDWIDE as a futuristic and game-changing leadership team. We shall not rest until we make it possible for all Sudanese Youths to have access to taste the sweatness of Alliance In Motion Global and in other african countries such as Djibouti, Malawi, CAR, DR CONGO, Rwanda, Tanzania and the rest of the world including South Africa and United Kingdom.

We are expanding daily, so let’s share the good news.

Please Dan, when your registration payment is made, whether for the starter kit of for any of the other categories, please does that qualify you to instantly get the products for distribution or you get just the personal test product ? Please Dan throw more lights on that.

Dear Obisike,

In respective of which package you are picking, be it START, ENTREPRENEUR, or INTERNATIONAL BUILDER’S PACKAGE, you will have instant access to products that comes with them.

Let me make it clear, one product kit goes for 36000 naira and if you pay for three product kits at 108000 naira, you will get three of that same kit, and same goes for seven product kit package.

All these products can be sold or used, or shared with loved ones and relatives.

– AIM Olawale Daniel

Hello Mr Daniel, pls what is the composition of the starter pack, can I get only one product worth the value of the starter pack

My brother,

It is not possible.

The starter pack has been pre-configured and prepackaged for you.

Although, we do have different starter packages with differences.

So, maybe you might want to look for the one which contains more of your preferred products.

pls i need more explanation on how to start becouse am fully interested on the business, very curious to meet up.

Where are you based Mr. Saleem?

If you are in the Northern part of Nigeria, we can connect you with our northern leader and if it is South, East or West side you are, no problem too.

Kindly reply with the location and share your contact too. We will move on from there. Thanks for your interest.

I really appreciate the type of networking and the networking plan that Alliance has its of its own.
But is it possible to have an office in the South Sudan?

Certainly Nyombi,

Can you chat with me via WhatsApp ONLY or IMO or Skype using this number +2348166196130?

I look forward to talk to you about opening AIM GLOBAL South Sudan office any moment from now.

Do enjoy the rest of your day and when you’re responding, you can as well drop your personal contact for immediate action.


Your content about AIM GLOBAL helped me to understand more about the business and to grow fast. I really appreciate your effort Daniel and Joseph. Though, one of my regrets is just that I joined before I stumbled upon this masterpiece here. But i do not regret much because you are not discriminating.

Thank you my role models.

Wow, I’m happy to read from you Mr. Joshua,

We can indeed have a beautiful world full of beauthiful people with beautiful and good hearts. We don’t have to be the president to do that.

Kindness is like a disease, when you have it, you must spread it or it dies with you.

Let’s keep spreading this virus of kindness across the world through this beautiful opportunity called Alliance In Motion Global.

We can truly make a difference in our world with a clean intention.

Thanks for not giving up on your dreams.

I like this business,but the discouraging aspect is when ever you register a new partner they always receive an uncomplete kits.its embarrasing and discouraging. I experience this in kaduna and Abuja as well,is it like this in every state

Mr. Abdul,

I’m so sorry for your experience. Thank God you liked the business and you have enjoyed it but the area where you are not happy about is in the aspect of products backorders which has been rampart according to your word. This happened as a result of the products being out of stock at the time of your order but if you take note, the company must have included a note on your receipt informing you about it.

The implication of this is that, you can easily come back to pick up the products as soon as it is available.

Let me break a news for you sir, the demand for these products are too many at times and the company has always been on its toe to meet such demands by supplying in due time.

However, you mentioned KADUNA, let me quickly bring this to your notice that we presently do not have an official office in Kaduna. Probably you are dealing with another distributor who happens to have purchased in bulk and now reselling those packages.

If you want to get the best, especially when it comes to back order and product unavailability, always deal direct with AIM GLOBAL offices nationwide.

Thanks for your time.

Please Sir, I want to find out the benefits of the different packages so I can choose which to join. Thanks a lot.

I think I have answered this question awhhile ago on this same page. But don’t worry. I will answer you once again for the sake of others who might be asking the same question next time.

“In AIM GLOBAL, having ONE ACCOUNT is good, but THREE ACCOUNT is better, while SEVEN ACCOUNT is golden!”

Let me summarize it line-by-line to make it easy for you:
1. STARTER PACK: If you start with the AIM GLOBAL STARTER PACK, you are limited to a future #91,200 naira per day as your team grows and expands.
2. ENTREPRENEUR PACK: Your decision to choose ENTREPRENEUR PACKAGE means you have the same privilege as the person who started with the starter pack been multiplied in three places. Visualize yourself having three business centres across the country namely; ABUJA, LAGOS, and Port Harcourt, and all of these offices having the same ability to earn you up to 91,200 per day “once you build them to yield the result”.
3. INTERNATIONAL BUILDER’S PACK: This is golden because it helps you establish your business in all aspect better than one or three. But the fact that you have seven does not mean you are better off than someone with three or one account if you do not DO THE RIGHT THING!

Same law applies to each account, register two people under each legs and help these people grow by training them and also helping them to understand the AIM GLOBAL marketing plan or you can call it compensation plan.

I believe I am able to answer you Mr. Utibe?

If you still need more help, chat me up on WhatsApp ONLY by introducing yourself so I can quickly answer your message sir. The number is +2348166196130.


hello Dan kindly avail me with the ebook of alliance in motion global and could there be an office of this network company in uganda

Hi Kenneth,

We have an office of Alliance In Motion Global in Kenya. Kindly connect with me on Skype or WhatsApp ONLY via +2348166196130 so that I can help you facilitate your registration.

Thanks brother.

More info perhaps the mission and advantages of becoming an Apex Team member after registration with AIMGLOBAL would do me more good sir, pls elaborate more.

For joining AIM APEX TEAM, you can a chance of benefiting from all of AIM APEX TEAM promises to all of its members such as:
– team support
– training system for getting your foot on the ground and getting the business running
– one-on-one access to AIM APEX leaders across the world anytime of the day for growth hacking and discussion
– exclusive access to our digital MLM library where you get access to first-hand information about development and opportunities
– access to business tools
– and many more as outlined here.

We are liable to work with you until you achieve success, hence, it becomes a part of your responsibility as a leader and member of AIM APEX TEAM to have the “I CAN DO IT” attitude towards maximizing the opportunity and some amazing business tools we’d be handing over to you.

I hope am able to answer your question to a level?

If I am not, you can respond below. Thanks

Please Daniel.i want to be an Agent in Jos,I am a graduate,medical graduate,with my experience in medical line,I will make a difference and I can manage an office in Jos,let team together please,reply me on my email [……..]

Hello Frank,

It is interesting to hear that you’d like to be our agent and team leader in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. I’d be more than happy to guide you hands-on and work with you for us to achieve same goal together, which is ultimately, SUCCESS!

Let us connect on phone or via email (I’ve just emailed you some minutes ago with title “AIMGLOBAL JOS”). You can reply from there or from here.

You can also well reach me via 08166196130 (WhatsApp ONLY, IMO included) or call 08087779782. Or better still, you can reply with your contact details.

Like I said earlier, I’d be happy to have you on the AIM APEX team, known for nothing but excellent.

– Olawale Daniel

I have have been following this page for some time now and I am very much interested in the business. But I would like to know if the amount to purchase the global packages is still the same.

I have interest in registering with AIM Global, but would want you to carify me on some bothering issues;

1. None of your four Banks exist in Arochukwu. We have just two banks; FIRST BANK, PLC and UNION BANK, PLC operative here. How does one make payments to register?

2. How can one receive your products since you don’t have office here?

Dear Okoronkwo, in the event where ALLIANCE IN MOTION official bank accounts are not in operative in your location, I’d recommend you call me on +2348166196130 to get my own personal FIRST BANK account to remit the money. I will make sure that you get your package delivered to your door step the next day by the grace of God.

I think that should answer your first and second question.

Olawale Daniel

pls, am 100% ready to join this business. but my question is what if I registered it and is don’t see someone to register under me. what will happen?

please I want to know how I can cash my money that’s to transfer it to my bank account for withdrawal please make it explicit.

Can I still get d monthly bonus for any of the groups without refering or bringing people †̥ the chain. Can it work on its own?

Long life AIM the best International Business peace market is here!!!!!!!!………………………….

Good day, my name is Kalu Anthony presently residing at Warri. please sir i registered for an entrepreneur account through a friend in abuja

Good day, my question go like this.
If I register to be and Alliance members will I be opportune to receive any bonus and what about it took me long to register someone, will I get paid every months?

First question, the answer is yes. When you become a member of Alliance In Motion Nigeria, you are opportune to earn bonuses from several ways and that would give room for your earnings. And for your second question, AIMGLOBAL doesn’t get you paid every month; it is daily as long as there are activities in your team.

Olawale Daniel
(+234) 08166196130 (Call or WhatsApp ONLY for registration)

Am a student seeking for admission into the university, I being part of u guys will it affect my education?
How and where can I register manually?
How is the business carried out? How do one make his income? How do I get my ID and other necessary documents to show that am a registered member?
How do I buy the Products, am I to come to your office if Yes where is your office here in Nigeria?

The 5700 (matching bonus) is paid EVERY TIME there is matching in your team. The company pays daily and if you’re having registrations in your team everyday, you’ll continue to get the equivalent matching bonuses.

I hope am able to address your question Bobola?

Is it right for the upline to hold or have access to the password of a newly registered person under him? Is it also possible to change d upline that is not straight-forward ? Your company should monitor the activities of the uplines in order to checkmate any form of abuse of your teeming customers and d integrity of your company. Thanks.

The best way to handle this is to report the particular upline to the right authority by sending your letter to the head office in Lagos. Address your letter to the country manager, Ma’am Riza and she’ll reply you with the next step to take.

I’m Golden from ph, I think am interested but I wnt to be clear about the other services included which a partner can engage in after registering. Apart from buying and selling of the products which is optional as u said, what are the other services about that I can start with after confirming your product?. If after payment, I find it useful(product) but don’t want to continue buying and selling, how else will I continue doing this business without buying and selling as a partner?

still dont understand how money is been make in this network company
and will like someone to put me tru so as to get more understanding on the alliance networking business


Good Morning Mr. Ashok,

I’m Olawale Daniel from Alliance In Motion Global (Nigeria Office).

I got your comment in which you requested to know where our offices are in India. I must tell you, AIMGLOBAL, presently do not have an office in India yet but the office will be opened towards this fall.

But I’d be more than happy to help you in any way possible concerning training, shipping, and registration of your team leaders and every other help that you might need while we await the official launching of AIMGLOBAL INDIA.

And this will as well serve as an opportunity for you to be part of the pioneers in the country.

Kindly get back to me if you need help so that I can guide you to registering.

You can get in touch with me with details below:

Olawale Daniel
+2348166196130, +2348087779782
SKYPE: coolcash4live
WhatsApp ONLY: +2348166196130

hi am from ethiopia AIM don’t start work.if i register now how can i excute ze business bcoz am from the one country ze company not start.

Hi Kasahun,

To execute the business from Ethiopia is quite simple and easy just like every other countries where AIMGLOBAL has spread its wings to within the past eight years.

Just purchase a global package, and our team will ship your package to you in Ethiopia and we will include you in our backend system where we train and empower you with all the necessary information needed to excel in this business without much hassle. With the affluence of the internet, business now runs inside the GLOBAL village; with an internet connection and a mobile phone, you can do AIMGLOBAL Business successfully without having to break the bank.

You don’t have to see the office before you can start the business, you can be one of the pioneer of this amazing business model in Ethiopia by joining the AIM APEX TEAM WORLDWIDE group where physical appearance isn’t our challenge, likewise, the boundary.

We go beyond the borders to make things happen in AIM GLOBAL all over the world.

You can speak to me directly on WhatsApp ONLY, Call or email me via +2348166196130, or daniel at

I will reply you within a shortest possible time on which way to go.

Note this, with ALLIANCE IN MOTION, everything is possible for you to achieve in Ethiopia.

Take action today and be among the next millionaires from Ethiopia.

I believe so much in you Kasa!


Hello good evening or good for learning! Am a registered member of AIMGLOBAL.I actually registered, via online without me processing it myself, last week thursday, 7 Head account.Now i have lots of people i really want to register as my downline.I don’t really know how to register them in an orderly manner.pls i need the manual hints of registration or the steps pls.

Can you confirm that you entered the details correctly? If the details are correctly entered and yet, you are unable to login, then get in touch with AIMGLOBAL head office closest to you to retrieve your password.

Please can you send me details on how to start, benefits of starting, do I need to do anything to get these benefits
.. Everything I need to know, please.. To my mail

How will I calculate my Seven Account Package to get #17,875,200/monthly.

And dat of Three Account Package

Kindly go to the REGISTRATION PAGE to finalize your application into the business and be on the same side with great men like Kenneth Omeruo, David Mark, Mr. Ibu and host of others.

Alliance In Motion Nigeria is here to help you achieve all your dreams only if you can take up the challenge now and leverage the system of AIMGLOBAL business.

I look forward to working with you. 🙂

Kindly check your email. I have sent you an AIMGLOBAL business opportunity ebook that will enlighten you more. There’s no hidden secret in our business, it is obvious and that’s one of the reason why prominent Nigerians are taking advantage of AIMGLOBAL opportunity including the former Senate president, Super Eagles and Chelsea of England defender, Kenneth Omeruo, and host of others, have joined AIMGLOBAL.

The world is waiting for your exploits too. Join our AIM APEX TEAM WORLDWIDE and see what will become of you for good in few months.


I like to join the winning team. I’m from Ijebu Ode. Please tell me more about where to pay and what needed to be done ASAP. Thanks again for sharing this oppoetunity with people like us.

Dear Celestine,

I have emailed you an ebook that detailed the step to take in joining AIM Global and how you’ll make the 91,000 per day.

Meanwhile, I will also explain further here for the sake of others.

How to Make 91,000 per day through AIMGlobal

AIM Global allow up to 16 matches per day in its compensation plan for a single account, and that is a total of #91,000:
5700 multiplied by 16 times equals #91,200 naira.

For practical analysis, refer to the ebook.

08166196130, 08087779782

You talk of 7 accounts with #36,000, #108,000, #252,000 registration can you throw more lights on it

Dear Monday,

We have 3 different packages namely;
1. Starter Package (1 Head account) = 36000
2. Entrepreneurs Package (3 Heads Account) = 108000
3. International Builders Package (7 Heads Account) = 252000

The difference between these three packages are the earning potential.
With one account, your income potential as time goes is #91,200 per day.
With three accounts, your daily income potential is #273,600.
With seven accounts, your daily income potential is #638,400.

We recommend that you should start with 7 heads package if you have the ability because that is what is better, but if you don’t have the ability now. You can start with STARTER or ENTREPRENEURS package and add up as you are making money from the business.

There’s no need to wait till you raise the money because it is ACTION you take right away that will determine how far you’ll go in the business. Procrastination shouldn’t be allowed to have its place in your business.

I hope I am able to answer your question?

The ID no is your personal identity number in the Alliance In Motion global database. The company does not recognize everyone by face or how we look but this ID is what the computer recognize.

Talking about its use, on every registration of people into your network, you need to present your user ID in order to code the new downlines into your network. Your ID will look like AFxxxxxx where ‘x’ stands for six numeric numbers after the AF.

As soon as you are registered, your ID will be displayed in your Data Tracking Center of the Alliance In Motion website.

– Olawale Daniel

1. Our products; C247, Complete Phyto Energizer, MyChoco, Liven Alkaline Coffee, Restorelyf, and Slim and Trim.
2. Your business kit (this kit contains everything you need to succeed in this business from the company profile to every detailed analysis of each of our products and services)
3. Data Tracking website (you will have your own personalized website created just for you to monitor your business on the go.
4. Access to PRO Business Trainings and High-Class Ticket events organized by the company with international speakers and trainers on hand to train you and your team for success.
5. Full access to, the world #1 MLM University powered by Alliance In Motion Global to help people around the world understand the business model better. You will have instant access as a member with your ID.
6. And many more others.

Is there any offices in Johannesburg South Africa.
Can you give me a price list in our currency.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Segal,

Presently, there’s no physical office of Alliance in Motion Global in South Africa but it will be commissioned before the third quarter of this year. My advice for you is to get started before we come to open the south african office so that you’d be part of the pioneer members in your country when we will be commissioning the office.

I have just sent you an email. Kindly go through it regarding the steps to register with my bank account for payment.

Meanwhile, these are the price list for registration in South African currency:
2600 Rand for Starters Package (1 Head Account)
7800 Rand for Entrepreneurs Package (3 Heads Account)
18200 Rand for International Builders Package (7 Heads Account)

You can reach me on 08166196130 or 08087779782 to get started.

I forgot to mention this, the amount above includes shipping cost for sending your package to you in South Africa.

Looking forward to work with you soonest.


What is de biz all about n de package of 36000 how will u market it? Pls more light on it. Am really interested and am in PHC

Dear Mrs Imana,

I have sent you an email this morning when I saw your comment.

But to answer your question in a more straight-forward way possible, AIM Global does not and will never make buying and selling of products compulsory because this is what makes us different from every other companies out there. We strongly believe that as an independent partner of Alliance In Motion all over the world, you have all the right to decide HOW you want to do the business at your pace, WHERE you want to start it from, and WHEN without interfering with your decisions.
In respect of this, the company offers the best compensation plan in the world that makes it easier for you to make money without having to sell or buy products after your registration (100% optional). You are the decision maker and you choose what to do and when to do them.

The product package and the welcome kit that comes with your registration is yours to use for you to test and confirm the efficacy of our products as a reputable company offering the best in terms of products and services. We are not saying you should put to the street and start selling them – we believe in the phrase:

“Be the product of your product”.

For becoming an ambassador of AIM Global, we want you to have a taste of our ever-amazing products and see if we are indeed a genuine company before you go out there and tell the world about us. That’s our 100% guarantee of quality.

I believe when you read the AIM Global ebook that I sent across to your email, you’d be able to get started on a high note.

I have a strong believe that you will succeed in the business because WITH GOD, AND WITH ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

– Olawale Daniel
08087779782, 08166196130 (WhatsApp ONLY or Call)

Femi, this is the registration details:
We have 3 different packages namely;

Global Starter Package = N36,000 or $190 (1 HEAD ACCOUNT)

Entrepreneur Package = N108,000 or $570 (3 HEADS ACCOUNT)

International Business = N252,000 or $1330 (7 HEADS ACCOUNT)

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