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About Alliance In Motion Global Nigeria

What is Alliance In Motion Global About and How Does It Work?

Your dreams can become a reality through Alliance In Motion Global. Discover and learn how AIM Global works and how you can join the league of millionaires.

What is Alliance In Motion?

Alliance in Motion Global Inc. (also known as AIM Global or Alliance In Motion Nigeria) is an MLM-Network Marketing company from the Philippines with a physical presence in 14 countries and in aggressive global expansion. It is the exclusive diamond distributor of premium nutritional food supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way – #1 food supplement/herbal manufacturer in the USA and world leader.


OLAWALE DANIEL: +2348166196130 (for phone conversation)

RACHAEL: 08148447791

or TEMMY: 08054244156 

AIM Global is recently awarded as the Best Company in the Network Marketing Industry by the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA), an independent institution. Its Visionary President and CEO Dr. Ed Cabantog is likewise awarded as among Best of the Best leader in the Industry.

Why is AIM Global an Excellent Business Opportunity?

Outstanding Products

AIM Global provides you with outstanding products for health excellence. C24/7 Natura-ceuticals, its flagship product, has the most complete daily nutritional requirement and the highest anti-oxidant components – 22,000 phytonutrients in an all alkaline vegetable capsule. It is clinically tested effective prevention/solution to 100 diseases.

A Strong, Stable, Dynamic and Fast Growing Company

AIM Global gives you the confidence of dealing with a strong, stable, dynamic and fast growing company. It sold 1 Billion worth of products in 6 years of operation (can be verified by its tax payments, having been included in the top 20,000 tax paying companies in the Philippines), making it the No. 1 MLM company in the Philippines. It has extended its operation to all regions and provinces of the Philippines, to 14 countries around the world and is now in aggressive global expansion. It is a multi-awarded company both for its products and its marketing performance.

Highly Experienced Company Leaders

AIM Global makes you proud of working with outstanding and highly experienced company leaders. Its three directors are accomplished entrepreneurs in their own right with 40 years of combined experience in successful network marketing.

High Exchange Value Investment

AIM GLOBAL PACKAGE offers 100% Value For Money. AIM Global offers you no risk, one-time high exchange value investment, and a business opportunity with high potential income which can be availed of through purchase of Global Package which contains products and other benefits that exceeds 100% than the value of the one-time investment of N38,000 ($120). Just by joining as a distributor (without doing yet the business), you are already a winner. Doing a business can even further make you a phenomenal winner.

Simple and Doable Business/Marketing Plan

AIM Global provides you with a simple and doable business/marketing plan requiring no special skills to accomplish. Three basic activities for doing the business: Introducing or sharing the products (retailing) Inviting or referring at least 2 others ( no limit to the number you can invite) to become distributors (sponsoring) Helping your 2 down-lines to duplicate what you are doing (supporting).

Two basic ways of conducting the activities: Direct or personal communication (person to person sharing or invitation) Indirect or online communication through social media like Facebook.

High-income Opportunity

AIM Global provides you with a high-value income opportunity through its most pro distributor compensation plan. By simply doing and accomplishing the above activities the company rewards you with six ways by which you multiply your income through its binary MLM structure:

1. Retail profit income of 25% just sharing and inviting people to use the products:

2. Referral Bonus of N3,000 for every person you refer or invite to join the business and purchase a global package.


The “AIM APEX Team” of The Alliance In Motion Global is an organization born with a passion for exploring the wealth and goodness of Nature’s Way products and the success-focused AIM Global compensation plan in making life easier for all its members.

Within a few weeks of its inception as a group, the AIM APEX TEAM WORLDWIDE has climaxed the industry altitude raising self-made millionaires among its partners, these are people who happily joined to become a member of the team after they’ve tasted the goodness of our products and services (the health, wellness, and wealth aspect of our business).

aim event 2

We are a team of highly experienced professionals from all walks of life, synergizing ourselves in making sure that the major aim of “Turning Ordinary Nigerians into an Extraordinary Millionaires” initiated by Alliance In Motion Global is being realized by adopting it as our core value. Hence, it became sin for anyone who claims to be a member of the AIM APEX Team Worldwide not to be healthy and financially free.

We know you have a dream; dream of living in your own well-furnished homes, dream of spending enough time with your family, dream of making a whole lot of money with less stress, dream of traveling the world without money constraints, dream of being financially free, dream of being your own boss without anyone dictating how you live your life, just to name but a few.

But can what you are doing now make these dreams come true?

If yes, that means you needn’t read further, but if No, I think it is going to be interesting if you consider our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of becoming a member of a family that focuses on making everyone happy always.




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  1. alonzo Avatar

    Wow! Finally I got a powerful opportunity where I can get factual and valuable info to help me earn residual income. Thank you AimGlobal for giving us this opportunity, now I am AIMING HIGHER than I could ever dream of.

    I love this family.

  2. odinamba onyinye Avatar
    odinamba onyinye

    Pls I really want to be sure of this very well before involving my self into it,

    1. odinamba onyinye Avatar
      odinamba onyinye

      Nice one to know about it more.

  3. onen moses Avatar
    onen moses

    Am happy I am part of u

  4. mariastella Imebuogu Avatar
    mariastella Imebuogu


  5. Emmanuel dawo Avatar
    Emmanuel dawo

    am a sierra leonean,i want to join the team but how

    1. bswod Avatar

      Dear Emmanuel,

      One of our representatives have emailed you the introductory ebook about the business concept.

      To join from Sierra Leone is very easy than you thought. Kindly reply with your phone number, we will give you a call and explain the process to you.

      – Admin

  6. Joseph Ikechukwu Unokanjo Avatar
    Joseph Ikechukwu Unokanjo

    I am interested in joining as I believe it will benefit my medical practice.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Dear Joseph, It is gladdening to hear that.

      To join our indefectible AIM APEX Team of the Alliance in Motion Global business, kindly click here and follow the steps to register and be part of our success stories.

      Meanwhile, I will get in touch with you via your email within the next few hours to welcome you onboard.

      We will support you in every aspect to achieve all your dreams faster through the power of God almighty.

      – Olawale Daniel

    2. prisca Avatar

      Get our product from me in owerri

  7. Ohanaga Avatar

    I want to participate in this great business.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Hi Ohanaga,

      I have sent you an email with the kickstart ebook that will enlighten you more about our 21st century life changing business model.

      Just go through it and get back to us as soon as possible.

      – Olawale Daniel

  8. richmind Avatar

    woow i love this team, i am so glad i joined your team 5 months ago, you are indeed a saviour cos you ve help me alot, on behalf of my team in the south west we are thanking you, 5 months in Aim global i am earning minimum of 4 pairs in a day (4 X #5,700)=#22,800 daily, i am advising everyone to join the Apex team because you will have 100% group support, WhatsApp ONLY, facebook, skype support is available thank you Olawale Daniel, but i want ask you that do you have any apex team in Ghana because some people want to join the team in Ghana.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Thank you Mr. Richmind for believing in the system and for taking action!

      ACTION is a verb and it is what differentiate you from everyone else. I strongly believe that many lives will be changed for the better with the AIM Global opportunity at our disposal.

      Anyone that wants a better life should just hop in and get ahead in life with alliance in motion.

      Again, appreciate your efforts.

      – Olawale Daniel
      08166196130, 08087779782

  9. Mumbere Avatar

    Hey, this is good news. Dear Admin, kindly send me the info on how to join, though am in uganda. I love to join from Nigeria. Thank you.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Dear Mumbere,

      I’m glad to have received an email from you requesting to join our excellent team. We’d be proud to have you on board. Fortunately, AIM Global Uganda is just coming up and we’d love to work together to help you achieve the most in the country.

      I’ve just sent you an email with the ebook along with steps to register from Uganda. Kindly go through it get back to me. If you need instant response or you want to ask me an urgent question, do not hesitate to call 08166196130 or 08087779782. You can as well add me on WhatsApp ONLY for more information or message me via Facebook.

      I’m most interested in your success in this business.
      – AIM Olawale Daniel

  10. Olukunle Avatar

    We have involved in few companies around, it was hard to achieve what was promised, Unfortunately, they won’t tell you when you want to join. But AIM Global saw their lapses and brought us the freedom we have longed awaited. Many of us made money even on the first day of registration, it has never been easy.

    Thank God for AIM Global.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Happy to read your testimony about AlM Global.

      More power to you!!!


  11. michael Avatar

    Pls admin,am Michael from owerri,I want to join this network,and I need the E book so hw do I get the Ebook,and secondly there is no office in owerri here how do I join from here?

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Hello Michael,

      I have sent you an email dated May 28, if you check your email, you should be able to read that.

      However, I have just resent the email so that you could take advantage of what AIMGLOBAL has got to offer you and your loved ones.

      Looking forward to working with you soon.


  12. adeolu Avatar

    I heard one has to start with 36k is it true

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yes Adeolu.

      The startup capital for the business is 36K naira if you are starting with the starter pack. But if you want the entrepreneur package or International Builders’s package, the price is different. You can read more about registration packages here.

      In case you have many other questions that you’d like answered, I’ll advise you check our FAQS for previously answered questions about AIMGLOBAL or ask a new one below.

      Thanks for your time.

    2. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Meanwhile, I have just emailed you an ebook that will guide you on how alliance in motion global works and the steps to take to become a member for life.

      Check your email and get back to me. 🙂


  13. Olukunle Moses Avatar
    Olukunle Moses

    AIM Global is the real deal. I joined and my life changed. 🙂

    I love the company.

  14. Daniel Avatar

    I want to join. I am from Sierra leonne but I can come to Nigeria or can you help me send my package to me here?

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar


      Yes, we can send your package to you once you join. But coming to Nigeria will be better because we will get a chance to meet, attend the seminar and also share ideas.

      Hoping to see you soonest 🙂

  15. Paul Faith Avatar
    Paul Faith

    AIM Global rocks. There is no limit to what you can achieve. Reach me on and let’s do business together.

  16. Ademola Avatar

    Being hearing so much about this, but I am a little skeptical because I have tried some other MLM before. Although, I am willing to try again. I need more info pls. can anyone help?

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      I can understand how it felt like to start a business that failed woefully without anything to show for it.

      But I want to give you an assurance today, that is, if you join Alliance In Motion global and you do the little work needed for success (introducing your two legs) and understanding the compensation plan, you’re on your way to the top.

      I’m not saying this because I think or I guess it will work but because I am certain of it working for you as it does for me.

      The compensation plan simplified networking for a common man.

      So brother, don’t give up yet! AIMGLOBAL is here to help you recover all, if you can just put in 2-10 hours effort per week.

      You can call me on 08166196130 or WhatsApp ONLY to join my team.

  17. Solome Mukisa Avatar
    Solome Mukisa

    I am interested in the business. Pliz email me the E-book U are giving out for more information

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Download the ebook from the download page here.

  18. joy Avatar

    I want to be part of it, how do I start

  19. Temitope Ajakaiye Avatar
    Temitope Ajakaiye

    I love this I want to join from Ogun state, thanks.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Welcome on board Mr. Ajakaiye.

      It feels great to have you in our excellent team.


  20. jessica Avatar

    I need to know more about this business

  21. Hussaini Avatar

    How can i be come ur partiner ? But am stil doubtn this .

  22. Hussaini Avatar

    Hw can i participate in this great deal ?

  23. Nwajagu Avatar

    Please I really need to join this family.

  24. m. collins Avatar
    m. collins

    Some details

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      I have sent an ebook to you. Read it and get back to me. You can as well reach me via +2348166196130 or through WhatsApp ONLY on the same line.

      I’d be looking forward to help you get started as soon as possible.

      – AIM Olawale Daniel

    2. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Did you get my email Collins?

      Kindly reply back asap.

      I’d like to help you setup your business in Kampala as soon as possible because we are getting lots of people showing interest from there and would like you to be the leader in the country.

      You can give me a call on +2348166196130 or WhatsApp ONLY me so that we can set things in motion soon.

      – AIM Olawale Daniel

  25. molade ayoola Avatar
    molade ayoola

    l am so glad and happy to be part of this great team.thanks you very much.

  26. molade ayoola Avatar
    molade ayoola

    l am so glad and happy to be part of this great team, AIM APEX. I joined less than 5 months and things have so much changed over the time. thanks you very much for showing me this opportunity. I’m using this medium to call on others to always take advantage of this company because either you join now or later, people around you will keep joining. Thant’s what makes me join and no regret. You can call me or WhatsApp ONLY me my number – 08158681229 if you need help to start. I am in Ibadan.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      I’m happy to read your comment Mr. Ayoola.

      Just like yesterday that you signed up into this great business.

      I’m happy for you.

  27. Ikechukwu Avatar

    Some people still doubt the reality of ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL Inc. They say how can one make such huge amount in a short while…… your wealth is the mind, in your thinking! What you think of yourself is what you become.

    So for those who say they don’t have money,you’re limiting your ability because the amount used for registration is just a token, let be serious don’t waste that money on that shoe and handbags, spend it wisely NOW by investing in Alliance In Motion Global and see how your life is transformed, It is Real

    You can contact me for more information on how it works and become a member now and earn your way on the ladder of success

    This is a business opportunity for you, take the RISK and be a millionaire!
    Alliance In Motion Global is really different from other Networking business in the world its not compulsory for a member to market product and you will get Aim Global products worth more then the amount you paid for on registration, so you have nothing to lose. All you need to do is to get two persons registered under you ( your downlines ) and watch how you grow wealth..

    Contact me for more detailed information
    Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Ibadan, and Ghana.

    Anywhere you are in the world, once you’re a member you can transact anywhere with your ID,your Internet phone and Back account.

    TAKE A STEP, If you’re suffering from any ailment you can try our healthy nutritional supplement they work well.

  28. prisca Avatar

    Contact me for registration n product i n owerri

  29. Amaefula Avatar

    I’m glad to be part of this life transforming organization. I look forward to being part of the success story that this company offers.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      And I’m certainly sure, you will be. Succeeding in AIMGLOBAL is a certainty for everyone, as long as, everyone do the most required task recommended by the company and following the company policy.

  30. Chinenye Avatar

    A friend ask me to look up this page. I find it very interesting. But I will want to know more about the product, to make sure is something I can be able to sell if I decide to sign up. Kindly assist me with more info, about it Admin. Thank u.

  31. NATHANIEL Avatar

    Good day,
    please apart from selling your products, what are other benefits when people enroll under me also i need the e-book for starters

  32. EMMANUEL Avatar


  33. Praise Asoe Avatar
    Praise Asoe

    Everything is real on this platform…

  34. stella Avatar

    pls olawale are u in pH I need a sincere team i met a guy who register one account for three months now what he saw in his bank account is only four thousand naira tho he did not referred anybody is that how it suppose be?

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Dear Stella,

      Although I may not be able to state categorically how that four thousand naira entered his account except there’s an explanation that warrants that but the truth is; if you put in the required efforts like I have been preaching. Invite two and let your two invite theirs and everybody duplicating the same strategy, you’ll keep earning residual income without hassle. I have received several calls from people complaining about being scammed or taken advantaged of in hope of registering them into the business, please don’t fall victim because of juicy promises that would not be kept once you’ve committed your money.

      If you have vision and passion to work the dream as the founder and board of directors of the company has projected it for us, please take your time to understand and do the business the right way.

      And regarding trust and sincerity in our team, our team members all over the world can attest to what they are benefiting from joining the business through AIM APEX TEAM WORLDWIDE. We are not greedy, and, there’s an urgent need for us as TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS to follow up on our promises to new and existing members and make sure that everybody is happy.

      I must tell you, joining us means you are adding to the team’s overall skill-set while we as well adding to your overall potentials in terms of income and future opportunities in the marketplace outside AIM GLOBAL domain.

      To signup, just follow the procedure here or call me directly on +2348166196130 (also on WhatsApp ONLY) that you want to register and I will help you in quick. Please do not give your teller to anyone if they claim they know me. Anyone I endorse, you will see them on our trusted leader’s page here (under development).

      Welcome into AIM APEX TEAM in advance.
      – Olawale Daniel
      TEAM Coordinator Worldwide

  35. Aminu Avatar

    Is a nice and a very lucrative business all over the world. I sincerely have much interest to enroll into it. I was once in their seminar here in one of the state in Nigeria. I totally convince and agreed with the whole system. However, me as a public servant how do I go about in enlightening others to join me being it as a team business. Because what I got to know much about the business is the more people register under you the more you gain more income. Thank you look forward to hear from you.

  36. Egwuenu chukwuka franklyn Avatar
    Egwuenu chukwuka franklyn

    I hope to actualize my dreams here with did opportunity give to me thanks

  37. Benjamin ibrahim Avatar
    Benjamin ibrahim

    I have three accounts already with aim global registered in Abuja Nigeria I like up dates especially aim world with headquarter in Dubai UAE

  38. Adebajo Akinkunmi Avatar
    Adebajo Akinkunmi

    AIM global is real join today ID: AF349716 Adebajo Akinkunmi


    MY name is JOEL MATHEWS, a new member of THE ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL Inc NIGERIA. I hope to become AIM GLOBAL AMBASSADOR in no distant time. I believe in AIM GLOBAL BUSINESS and am presently working hard to bring several partners to become AIM Global distributors all across Nigeria and throughout africa.

    May your global sales continue to grow in leaps and bounds ijn. Prayer for the President of AIM GLOBAL Inc. From Joel Ayo Mathews.

    I just too much love AIM GLOBAL business plan. It is helping me solve peoples problems.

  40. sheryl esteron Avatar
    sheryl esteron

    aim global is the best apportunity to reach our dream for our family

  41. Robert Eze Avatar
    Robert Eze

    Please do help me with Abuja address and phone, my number is 08053XXXXXX.

  42. apollo Avatar

    Help me join

  43. apollo Avatar

    In kenya help me join

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Contact Mr. TARIQ on +255 687 414 162 to join immediate from KENYA and other EAST AFRICAN COUNTRIES or reach DR. FRANCIS GOODRICH on +250 788 300 456.

      They are the leaders in charge of EAST AFRICA sponsoring and team growth.

      Olawale Daniel

  44. sunday moses Avatar
    sunday moses

    I love to be a member

  45. mayowa Avatar

    I am interested in joining this forum how can I be part….am from Nigeria

  46. Juliet Chukwu Avatar
    Juliet Chukwu

    Interesting, worth giving a trial

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      This is a great business, get onboard now… call/WhatsApp ONLY: +2348166196130 to get started!

  47. wilson ADS Avatar
    wilson ADS

    Get d product from me Borno Maiduguri,waaooo wonderful ,alkaline coffee

  48. Ykay Avatar

    This is interesting! Kindly enlighten me on how to be part of the program. Thanks

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Provide us your details so we can give you a call.


  49. Kucheli Dauda Avatar
    Kucheli Dauda

    Am really interested in joining i need more enlightenment i live in Borno state Nigeria thank u

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Hello Dauda,
      am glad you are ready to join this business, ad me up on WhatsApp ONLY for your registration, 08166196130

  50. Chimezie Avatar

    Hello am interested can u kindly send me the procedures to join and the marketing plan as well thank you.

    1. AIM NIGERIA Avatar

      Hello Chimezie,
      am glad you are ready to join this business, ad me up on WhatsApp ONLY for your registration, 08166196130.

  51. Grace Green Avatar
    Grace Green

    i want to know more

    1. AIM NIGERIA Avatar

      Hello Grace,
      add me up on WhatsApp ONLY, +2348166196130.

  52. Alagbe Adeshina Avatar
    Alagbe Adeshina

    How can I start

  53. olatunde feyimola Avatar
    olatunde feyimola

    I love to know more of this business

  54. aimae yumcris chavez Avatar
    aimae yumcris chavez

    aimglobal business is really life changing opportunity. 🙂

  55. Buchi Echeta Avatar
    Buchi Echeta

    Hi, a friend introduce me to this great family. Please i need your office address in Lagos and if possible at ojo or fistac area


    How can I join

  57. Adejinmi Wole Avatar
    Adejinmi Wole

    pls my comment remain a task question, hw did the organization make such a adding dividend on a member? is it only investing in the selling of product or there is another busting bossiness which stands as complement this

  58. Abutu daniel friday Avatar
    Abutu daniel friday

    I will join soon

  59. Ishola Oluwaseun Ebenezer Avatar
    Ishola Oluwaseun Ebenezer

    Can I get your office address in Abuja plz?

  60. John Sunday Ekpo Avatar
    John Sunday Ekpo

    It is very good business.


    Am from Ekiti State how can I join

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Kindly share your contact with me on +2348166196130 for more information.

    2. temitope Avatar

      contact me to register 08054244156, you are welcome

  62. Ikwegbue Matthew Avatar
    Ikwegbue Matthew

    I love aimglobal alliance is the best company that can make you millionaire without stress or overworking. For those that want to join, this is the best place to be.

  63. abubakar Avatar

    Good luck to you

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      And you too brother.


  64. Gilbert Abraham Jatau Avatar
    Gilbert Abraham Jatau

    I want to contact Abuja head office to inquire about my starter park. I need there contact number

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      No problem about that. The office number or your sponsor contact?

  65. Enock Avatar

    I joined aim about an yr ago but haven’t seen its fruits at all

  66. Umaru Dalhatu Avatar
    Umaru Dalhatu

    I am interested and I want to join Alliance

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Drop your number for a phone call or call me on 08166196130.

      1. Usman Ibrahim Avatar
        Usman Ibrahim

        Just need more information

        1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

          Okay. No problem. Since you have gotten what you needed. Have a great and nice day. 🙂

  67. Charles Bitwire Avatar
    Charles Bitwire

    This is real global. Xks.

  68. musiime Daniel Avatar

    Am great if this core chances are granted to me

  69. Frank Avatar

    I need this business. Please, Mr. Daniel, help me to get started right away.

  70. Alabi Avatar

    I want to join,but fear of referral…

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Then, please don’t join because I wouldn’t want you to be discouraged after registering. The business is for serious minded people that can bring people into it. Don’t listen to anyone lying to you that you don’t need anyone to succeed. You need at least two people to also join you in the business.

      Without them, you can’t go anywhere my

  71. Nuwagaba samuel Avatar
    Nuwagaba samuel

    When aim global and i bring two people, i will start earning money immediately?

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Your first two people is the minimum requirement to start earning in AIMGLOBAL.


    I already have invest 5,000 and still she ask me again make I invest another 7,500 for the form why

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      That’s not AIMGlobal. Stop investing in fake schemes that promises bogus benefits. They are scammers and have no good intentions for you. They just call it AIMGlobal. It is not AIMGlobal. We don’t have anything called AIMGlobal investment.

  73. Dike Avatar

    Please…..are you aware of the WhatsApp group called AimGlobal affiliate? …….need answers now please

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      No. Just be careful and stay safe from scammers. They are everywhere because some of these Yahoo boys are eager to make money ? by scamming others.

      There are millions of group chat on WhatsApp. Knowing the people behind such groups and doing some ground checks to find out about them before committing anything is ideal.

      1. Dike Avatar

        I said it becomes they look legit…This kind of pay 5k and get 10k thing. …They use the fact that aimglobal is registered under S.E.C of Nigeria, it looks so real….do you think if I drop the admins number for you to carry further necessary actions?

        1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

          They are mad ? people. Don’t fall victim.

  74. Njubabirese keneth Avatar
    Njubabirese keneth

    I want to join AIM GLOBAL

  75. Aniebiet Gabriel Mendie Avatar
    Aniebiet Gabriel Mendie

    How could I start?

  76. Yunus Uganda Avatar
    Yunus Uganda

    I Am from Uganda am earning from AIM GLOBAL thanks

  77. Sandra Adusah Avatar
    Sandra Adusah

    Please I want to know if after 3 accounts open without any referral, will I get the daily bonuses?. If no how does it work?. Thank you

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