We as a team of professionals coming together to form an alliance that would later in time be remembered as the first of its kind in the MLM Industry across Africa. It is expedient of us to grow and impact others as a winning team of AIM GLOBAL in Africa.

It is very obvious that AIM APEX TEAM WORLDWIDE is large enough and kept on growing and expanding across Africa and the rest of the world at a rocket speed, hence the need for leadership role and trustworthiness.

On this web page, we shall be updating the information of our tested, tried, and trusted leaders across the world. Anybody aside those we publicly posted here are not authorized to perform business transactions on behalf of the AIM APEX team. We will make sure to keep this page update as much as possible.

Our team, AIM APEX stands for Awesome People Excelling in Xtraordinary ways and we believe you’d be proud to be part of this great commission.

And in case you are looking for leaders in your regions, you can easily get in touch with us via daniel @ We will reply with the details as soon as possible.


Winning is our attitude at AIM APEX Team Worldwide. We strive to be attain top of the ladder and bring as much as possible along the path of success. Join the winning team today.

Turning ordinary people to unbelievable and extraordinary multi-millionaires is the mantra of AIM APEX TEAM worldwide. We are dedicated team assigned to show you HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS!

Alliance in Motion Nigeria covers everything from healthiness to wealthiness for you to enjoy your todays without compromising your tomorrow.

Health and wealth is our concern at Alliance In Motion APEX TEAM! But mostly, the healthiness of your pocket is more important to us.

“Killing the cancer of the heart is important for good living, but eradicating the cancer of the pocket is IMPORTANTER.”

The world of Alliance in Motion Global is made of distinctive enthusiasm and pure fineness. It is a real world where realism is the ultimate goal. Our world has love and passion from its rich and robust establishment of integrity and dignity. With its potent products and time-tested and season verified updated marketing plan, Alliance in Motion Global has now given life its true meaning, hence,  the urge to achieve SUCCESS for all of its partners across the world.

We believe passionately with the obligation of that, YOUR DREAM, IS OUR PLAN! Because it was once said by an elder that “the greatest cause of illness in this world is an empty pocket,” and if you give a person an opportunity to earn what they are worth, it is the greatest and powerful remedy to cure such illness.

We believe that SUCCESS is the willingness to DREAM big dreams, to do HARDWORK while adding smartness to it, to be CONSISTENT without procrastinating, to be of SERVICE to fellow humans and having OUTSTANDING HEALTH by taking the products and ABUNDANT WEALTH by working the compensation plan.

Here at Alliance in Motion Global and AIM APEX TEAM, it’s YOURS!

OUR MISSION reads: “To open the doors of opportunity and prosperity to many people by empowering our distributors to achieve financial freedom and economic stability by taking full advantage of the wealth of the market through our products and services.”


  1. Olawale Daniel
  2. Joseph Adediji
  3. Temitope Oluwaseyi
  4. Stephanie Ezeh
  5. Glory Morgan
  6. Ajayi Oluwafunmilayo
  7. Ademiju Adetoyinbo
  8. Chinenye Nnaji (Abuja)
  9. Ifeolu Adeolu
  10. Vivian Ogbu
  11. Gagean Van (Namibia APEX team leader)
  12. Babatunde Bolaji Afinnih (Lagos)

We are a fast growing team all across the world with amazing and excellent leaders joining us on daily basis. If you’d like to join the AIM APEX TEAM WORLDWIDE, we are still taking in new leaders. Our top leaders are available for signing up new entrants across the world.

Kindly get in touch with the head admin on +2348166196130 for guidance on how to be part of the winning team across Africa and the rest of the world.

AIM APEX…we aim at the peak of the ladder!