AIM Global Founders; Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, John Raymond Asperin and Francis Miguel on stage

AIM GLOBAL Business Secrets: Everything You Need To Know and the Ultimate Cheat Sheet on AIMGLOBAL

There are lots of network marketing companies today all across the world but WHY should you join AIM GLOBAL business instead of the many you come across every day?

Alliance In Motion Global happened to be one of the lots, but at the top of the list of likable company to work with in my opinion. Here are my 11 reasons for joining AIM GLOBAL business:

12 Reasons Why AIM GLOBAL BUSINESS Is The Best MLM Company For You


AIM Global business is proven and well established company among its competitors – you can consult Google for proof. It was founded in March 2006 by three amazing young networkers who were formerly top-earners in their respective MLM companies; Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, John Raymond Asperin, and Francis Miguel. Taking you aback, AIM GLOBAL business is nine straight years in this industry and yet, they have never for once failed to pay the commissions of every distributor DAILY AS PROMISED!


AIM Global products are top-class and most efficacious of food supplements products you can found out there. They aren’t just an ordinary supplement products – they are excellent products that gives you result – value for money! Produced by Nature’s Way, a world-class supplement manufacturing company originated from United States of America. These products are proven effective at reasonable price. Therefore the reorders are increasing day to day because they are efficacious food supplements and are highly consumable by anyone from pregnancy to adult age. AIM global products are excellent and beyond words the best for most of their categories. You just need to have a taste of them someday. But if you want them, you can buy AIM GLOBAL products from our store and get special gifts (exclusively from me)!


These amazing Nature’s Way products marketed by AIM GLOBAL are exclusively produced for the company. You cannot buy any of these aim global food supplements from your leading food and health stores except through the distributors of the company or by joining the distribution network. If you eventually found one on the shelf, you better run!

Why so? They may be fake products!

AIM GLOBAL pride itself with its excellent distribution networks across the world by paying these excellent distributors very well. The concept of its distribution network is person-to-person distribution which is built on relationship unlike other production distribution methods popularly utilized by non-MLM companies out there.


AIMGlobal has never for once rest on their laurels or past achievements – they kept on learning and improving by staying on the trends concerning health and wellness in application to latest discoveries – improving day by day. In 2015 alone, the company will be launching new line of products that would help people get rid of several health challenges. One of the new product lines are iProtect 247 and Care Leaf Thermal Patch and some yet to be announced.


Because you have online Data Tracking Center (also known as DTC) in place where you can monitor all activities including your; recruitment, group recruitment and reorders, anywhere at the comfort of your mobile devices or tablets. You can see your points, commissions and encashment in real-time. Nobody can steal your money from your account.

You can easily monitor team leader’s growth and know where to focus your effort in providing help for maximizing results for team’s benefits.

Gone are the days of requesting for print-outs of your account statement through the help of your Upline or Sponsor in MLM again or bestowing all the rights of your MLM membership account to anyone for any reason – we are living in the 21st century dear friend!

AIMGlobal business has removed all those funny processes by creating a responsive portal for tracking your team efforts – it is known as AIMGlobal DTC.


The founders of the company are well-experienced NETWORKERS themselves! Leadership is by example, so the popular saying goes, and that’s why the company is referred to as a pro-distributorship network marketing company. The owners know how to; distribute the products, explain the products components and unravel the aimglobal marketing plan, and to control the affairs of the company. Because of the leadership qualities of the board of directors of the company, there is no overpaying.

AIM GLOBAL board of directors; Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, John Raymond Asperin and Francis Miguel on stage
Experienced Board of Directors: L-R, The company’s Chief Marketing Officer John Raymond Asperin (left); President, Dr. Eduardo Cabantog (middle); Chief Finance Officer of AIM Global, Engineer Francis Miguel (right) on the stage at one of the company’s event.

The people behind the company are simple, friendly, see-able, touch-able, and you can even eat with them on the same table without feeling inferior because success speaks through their attitude. You can see them live and direct in the office and sometimes they usually conduct seminars and training at most of AIM GLOBAL business office addresses across the world. You can talk to them and you can have them as your personal mentor for growth in the business and your other businesses. They care about the distributors, who I happen to be one of, because they know how to be a good distributor for a good MLM company.


Anywhere I am across the world, I can take a branch of my business there with the beautiful of AIM GLOBAL. Alliance In Motion system is NOT limited only to Nigerians. It is legally spreading to the whole world, and as I’m writing this, the good news of Alliance In Motion Global has already been spread across to over 200+ countries of the world. As at this moment, AIM GLOBAL has offices in several African countries such as; Ghana, Togo, Uganda, Kenya and soon to be in Rwanda, Cameroon, and Cote D’Ivoire; Europe such as Canada; Asia such as Brunel, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Dubai, South Korea, Kuwait just to name but a few of them. There are many other Alliance In Motion offices that will soon be opened in other countries like France, Rwanda, Indonesia, South Africa, and India soon. This is a proof that the company is not just locally but internationally. They kept going stronger every minute, and they aren’t relenting in their efforts to expand globally.


“If you want to know the truth about something, make Google your closest friend.” 
― Olawale Daniel

Truth they say lasts forever (and the person at the receiving end may or may not know if you’re lying confidently but YOU KNOW YOURSELF my brother!), just as Mark Twain puts it,“if you tell the truth always, you don’t have to remember anything because you’re saying the truth.”  

The AIM Global compensation plan is not only limited to Binary. It is the combinations of Hybrid Binary; Binary, Unilevel and Stair-step compensation plan into a one solitary marketing plan. So in just 1 effort, you will earn 3 times.

Aldous Huxley said in the episode 2 of his Complete Essays which aired within the year 1926 up till 1929 and I quote that “facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” 

There are many networking companies out there, but only AIM has the combinations of the 3 marketing plans for paying out. You can decide to confirm the line above by yourself. I have never seen a company that stays glued to this same rule, allowing you to earn from binary while unilevel and stair step bonuses are still waiting for you as add-on to the matching bonuses. If you found any somewhere, please call my attention to it.


One of the very scintillating factors behind AIM GLOBAL exponential success in the Philippines and Africa despite high level past failures and experiences by distributors is impact of strategic partnership which has spearheaded the company above the fold. The company offered Scholarship opportunity to its partners up to 100% discounts on tuition fees. And the good thing is, it is transferable should in case you don’t want to use it. This is subject to school and courses availability.

Imagine yourself getting paid for distributing the company’s line of products while you are enjoying tuition-free first class education at any of the partner’s schools and colleges of the world.

May I ask, did your formal or present company offer you scholarship grants?


Charity runs in the vein of the Board of Directors of Alliance In Motion! Quote me and quote me well, I said everything about AIM is focused on charitable living; giving and sharing good health and wellness. Aside from what we are familiar and reckon with, AIM also has its sisters’ charity organization headed by the wife of the president of the company, Dr. Connie Cabantog.

The uniqueness of AIM makes it people’s choice – not just an ordinary MLM company that cares only for money  – but also sharing and caring for less privileged people around the world. This reminds me, during the 3rd year anniversary of the company in Nigeria, the second day of the event marked the flagging-off of the Alive Foundation presence in Nigeria. The event was graced by distributors across the country visiting several places in Lagos to minister to school children and less privileges.

What’s worth more than living for others?

Imagine yourself being a means of livelihood to thousands or more across the globe simply by partnering with a well respected company like AIM.  They are fond of charity works; AIM through ALIVE FOUNDATION is helping poor people NATIONWIDE by offering relief materials to the needy. This tells much why the company is growing at a rocket speed and lots of blessings and abundance are rolling in day by day.


When considering aim global ranking amongst its peers around the world, you’ll agree with me that you are on to a big deal. The company has been leading the pack for more than three to four years on the Business For Homes global ranking for Top Direct Selling MLM Company, Top MLM compensation plan and Top Direct Selling CEO of the year and many others. Looking at AIM Global business rankings alone, one would first want to say “I want to join aim global immediately”, but consider other factors above or below too to make your decision. Hardly will you see a Philippines based startup business being wildly accepted everywhere if they are not doing great when you put all the factors in place (the high level of poverty and challenges in the country). But the fact is, AIM Global company through its friendly marketing plan and excellent product distribution network has changed that image lately.


In about my sixteen years of experience in network marketing industry, I’ve never seen a company so loyal and law-abiding as AIM. They are on top of the game when it comes to putting the government in the know about “every little details”. Hardly can you tell how much many other companies out there generates and pay to the Federal and State governments based on output and inflow, not to talk of been accountable for each of their distributors.

As a member of Alliance In Motion Global business, you are not only a law-abiding citizen of Nigeria, or any country of the world where you’re operating from, but you are as well, regularly fulfilling your duties in paying tax promptly.

In fact, let me shock you!

The only reason why you’d not pay your tax to the government as a distributor and partner of alliance in motion is if you decided not to encash your earnings for life, which is not possible. And the good thing about this is that every little detail is reported in your data tracking center for perusal and future purposes. The percentage is 5% and you’re sure of being a loyal citizen of Nigeria, and your country of residence.

Would You Love to Travel to USA, UK, Canada or Europe without being rejected at the embassy?

If you say YES, then join AIMGLOBAL business because your tax clearance document is just around the corner upon request!

Attend the NDO training at any of the company offices to understand more about taking part.


If you candidly consider many of these reasons why AIMGLOBAL business still remains the best; including the facts, figures and results available on public domains. You will agree with me that AIM is not just incredible network marketing company but an excellent one. Excellent in the area of; high quality product delivery, topnotch compensation plan (award winning compensation plan), exemplary leadership, strategic partnership across the world which aided its speedy growth and expansion globally, legitimacy, and compliance with all federal and state laws in fulfilling its duty as a reputable tax-paying company in any nation it is operating from.

I bet you’ll agree with me that this company is just too much!

That’s not just it, these are just few of the reasons why I joined and stayed with AIM GLOBAL business. NOT all MLM businesses are strong and longer-lasting. AIM GLOBAL business is superbly STRONG and going stronger every minute of the day and will last longer, which I am so much sure of! So come and FLY with us if you found all my ramblings about aimglobal business helpful.

We are the AIM APEX family!


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  1. Femi Numa Avatar
    Femi Numa

    Mr. Olawale Daniel, I am completely overwhelmed by your simplicity and the impeccable manner with which you have been able to explain in detailed summary this huge opportunity waiting to be tapped by millions of Nigerians and people from other parts of the globe. You’re indeed a blessing and I pray that continuous blessings from above, from the name above all names, shall be your generation’s portion in Jesus name. I will give you a call later in the day.

    Warm regards

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Thank you Sir for your message. I’m highly honored to have met you and be your partner in this business. I promise you, we are all going to be at the top together.

      AIM GLOBAL is a long term project and we are just in the process of learning how it works, that’s why we need to carry everyone along in understanding how it works so they could as well teach it to others.

      Thank you for believing in the work that God is using us to deliver. By His grace, we shall grow from strength to strength.

      I will as well expect your calls and probably give you a call too.

      Thank for your time,
      GA Olawale Daniel

  2. Anyaele ikechukwu joseph Avatar
    Anyaele ikechukwu joseph

    I have join aim global about tow weeks now but havn’t grow. What i am going to do so that i we grow like others, i join with two accunt #72000?

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      May I know what you have done since the last two weeks? Have you invited someone to see your opportunity? How many downlines do you presently have? Have you attended any of the company’s presentation to have a much clearer and glaring view of the business?

      I look forward to hear from you soonest.

      GA Olawale Daniel

  3. Offia faith Avatar
    Offia faith

    Please i need someone to help me sponsor somebody on my right,this is my id af

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    Uchenna Okwuazu

    Thank you sir, is possible that after registration, some one will be earning every day? in Alliance in motion.

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    sara manoko

    I like to join but l have nothing

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      If you give me your number, I can help you get on board.

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        Eric vavaki

        Need your help through money to join aim global

        1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

          Can you please drop me an email or a text via +2348166196130 or +2348148447791.

          Looking forward to helping you out.

      2. Murphy Avatar

        I would like to join but I am broke this days. Murphy from SA.

        1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

          Can you privately chat me up via my line +2348166196130 and let’s see what we can do about that.

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        Please help me I will join pls my phone number is 08065361398


    seems a good deal,can i get a friend in the business who can advise and explain this better,on even how to join?

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    Sounds interesting ended

  8. Donald Avatar

    am very much interested with the work.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Hey Donald,

      I believe you get the concept of AIM Global properly? It is not a work but a lifestyle…if you are ready for the ride, message me now on 08166196130 via Whatsapp to get started with aimglobal nigeria leading team.


  9. Bawol Basinmune Avatar

    I like to join but can’t afford the amount

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Which country are you presently residing?

  10. Turyamusiima Dickson Avatar
    Turyamusiima Dickson

    Thanks Upline well done I wish you the of networking am in Uganda but I want to know the aim global office in Nigeria

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      You can easily go here Dickson to get the address of Aimglobal offices in Nigeria.

  11. Gabriel S. Salega Avatar
    Gabriel S. Salega

    I really enjoy reading it. This is Unstoppable Force, that well thinking Nigerians should join. Thanks Upline and well done. I am in Kaduna.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      I am telling you Gabriel,

      This amazing opportunity has turned several lives around across Africa and the rest of the world. Indeed, well meaning Nigerians needs to join this force but the challenge is, they would rather do something else that would not favour them on the long run.

      Thanks for your comment anyway.


  12. kengonzi Avatar

    I liked it

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Glad you like it Kengonzi.

      If you need any help, do not hesitate to contact me for that. +2348166196130.

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    Dangtim Stephen Kar-gwak

    So 9derful, Great Works!✋

  14. Mohammed Avatar

    You are a blessing to our nation Nigeria. I just got registered after borrowing and hope to be a celebrated GA like YOU.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Wow, I am so proud of the bold step you took Mr. Mohammed.

      I’d love to personally congratulate you.

      One of these days, I will celebrate with you by God’s grace.

      Just keep the fire burning in you and let your dreams be bigger than your excuses.

      Have the gut to pursue your dreams. Follow this guide by a fellow colleague, it will help you get started really quick on sponsoring more people into your team.

      I will see you at the top very soon. 🙂

      – Olawale Daniel (Dr. Residual)

  15. LUKMAN Avatar

    Very interesting. You are not out of point. AIM global is a life investment Network business.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Thanks for confirming that Lukman! 🙂

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    Abel Anio

    wants more information about the company

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Please, what is your number? I’d like to call you up and guide you on how to join. You can message me on 08166196130 or call 08148447791

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    King James C.C.

    I guess I will like to join AIM GLOBAL.

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    Mbanaso Udoka

    Pls just enter into d system… But I,m have serious to bring people to join me….Pls sir I know u known in out of mlm ..tell me what to do now…0803223xxxx

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    Owoade steve

    Great organization with good productsq

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    Aim is the best amongs all with healthy and excellent products…5star rated

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    alex edward

    How will I grow my business through the help of illuminati in USA, add comment

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      You must have missed the road. This is an Allianceinmotion business website, not an Illuminati or any illumination group. Kindly embark on a new search to get to where you are going to. Thanks Alex.

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    I’m after Mentor because I’m doing AIMGLOBAL.

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    Please guys how can I get my username and password back through my ID? I need help

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      If you could find your your way across to the closest AIMGlobal office, you can easily do that.

  24. Smart Avatar

    When did this company came to Nigeria?

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    Ssekandi Mukisa Davis

    After me bringing the two people, how can I stay earning after that direct sponsoring bonus?

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