AIMGLOBAL sets another world record

AIM Global breaks Guinness World Record’s Largest Human Smiley formation in history.

AIMGlobal stunned Guinness World Records with the “Largest Human Smiley formation” in history.

As Alliance In Motion (AIM GIobal) is marking its 9th year anniversary in touching lives and empowering people across the globe in Bocaue in the Philippines this week, a new Guinness World Records has been set by the company with the largest human smiley formation,” it was recorded and reported by the Guinness World Records.

AIMGLOBAL sets another world record Founded in the Philippines in Sept 2005 by the triumvirate pro-networkers; Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, John Asperin, Francis Miguel, the company has since became a household name in the country and all over the world, especially in the direct selling industry.

A total of 8,018 distributors of Alliance In Motion Global gathered to participate at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila to exceed the previous record of 4,047 participants that was achieved by Smile Hypermarket (Qatar) in Doha, Qatar, on 27 of March 2015.

The company distributes and markets industry-leading food supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way USA, and exceptionally blended beverages. AIM, as it is fondly referred to, is the only direct sales company from the Philippines accredited by the Nature’s Way USA to distributes its amazing products across the world.

Announcing the award on Instagram…Alliance In Motion Global enters GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS with BIGGEST HUMAN SMILEY FORMATIONBreaking the news for the Guinness World Record achievement for Largest Human Smiley

Unsurprisingly, AIMGLOBAL, remains the best, took the podium by surprise with its ever-growing distributor-network worldwide, having claimed the top direct selling company poll on on back-to-back basis, the company’s CEO, Dr. Eduardo Cabantog was as well voted #1 Top Direct Selling CEO in the World for 2014, an award that is hardly won by a newcomer in the industry.

With this new Guinness World Records achievement for Largest Human Smiley formation, it has set the company further on the world map for bringing #HAPPINESS back to the people.

Alliance In Motion Global enters GUINESS WORLD RECORDS with BIGGEST HUMAN SMILEY FORMATION in ManilaThe final feel of the AIMGlobal’s Largest Human Smiley from afar.

AIMGLOBAL didn’t stop with Largest Human Smiley formation record but it went further to beat the previous record for the “Most people wearing custom mask” with 40,050 people in attendance.


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