AIM Global Nigeria Thanksgiving

AIM Global Nigeria Thanksgiving is around the corner. The 2018 edition of Alliance In Motion Nigeria thanksgiving will be holding on December 10th, 2018 at all of our offices nationwide.

There comes a time where we come together to merry, connect, share, and learn new ways to further grow our businesses. At the end of every business years, we come together for a thanksgiving service with aim towards a new year filled with bliss.

AIM Global Nigeria thanksgiving anniversary celebration is here once again. Don’t miss this for anything.

This year, we have recorded a staggering amount of positives, and at the same time, some negatives – but, in the midst of it all, we have a whole reason to be grateful for all we’ve achieved with your support so far. This is to formally invite you and the general public to the upcoming AIM Global end of the year thanksgiving service.

The program is going to be holding at all of our AIM Global offices and other selected locations across the states of the nation where we have an office presence.

If you are not sure of your state, kindly visit here to know about the one closest to you that you can participate from.

All distributors and intending partners of AIM Global are welcome to be part of our celebration.

See you all there.

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