AIMGLOBAL begins DAILY PAYOUT of commissions to members

When daily payment is the REAL DEAL in AIMGLOBAL business

I personally think this is a news worth sharing to the rest of the world about what Alliance In Motion Global is doing to make people dreams come true. Indeed, aim global is here to turn ordinary men into an extraordinary ones with their promises being kept unchanged.

I know how difficult it may sound to someone who hasn’t be familiar with regular and never-failing twice a week payout policy that Alliance In Motion Global Nigeria has been using until recently that the company took another step higher.

The company has gone beyond all its partners expectations by activating daily payout plan to supplement its award winning business model. Over the couple of years, the company has been busy taking awards all over the world from reputable organizations such as Asia Consumer Choice Awards and host of others including MLMIA, but the latest feat achieved by this company called for another indigenous award from Nigeria media firm anytime soon.

As from today, AIMGLOBAL holds the record for the first ever MLM company that pays twice-a-week in the whole of Africa and the first company to pay daily commission to its partners in the whole of Africa.

This is a laudable achievement which I think deserves a recognition by the government of the federation anytime soon because, now, Nigerian lives are now being turned around for good through AIMGlobal business opportunity.

Thank you AIM GLOBAL!!!






7 responses to “AIMGLOBAL begins DAILY PAYOUT of commissions to members”

  1. Victoire Avatar

    After careful research, I have come to conclusion that truly this alliance in motion global opportunity is indeed touching lives and uplifting people from the shackles of poverty. I’m beginning to see my dreams becoming real with my own eyes. thank you for showing me this company.

    1. bswod Avatar

      Dear Vic,

      It is a privilege to be useful and be of help in reshaping lives.

      I hope you can invite more people into AIMGlobal business opportunity so they could as well benefit from the company like you?

      Looking forward to seeing your team growing as much as possible.


  2. garip Avatar

    I have been researching about this AIM Global opportunity but this page makes everything easy to follow. I will like to join. Please admin, email me so that I can be part. Thak you

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      We have emailed you all the details that will help you in joining alliance in motion global system. Respond to the email and let us know how we could be of further help to you.

      Do enjoy the rest of your day.

      – Olawale Daniel

  3. Adebisi Avatar

    please explain the criteria to join the group to me

  4. Loveth chidinma Avatar
    Loveth chidinma

    I will like to know the how to join

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Just call this number to join now 08166196130

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