Bank Account Form – AIM Global Bank Account Linkage Form

Connect your AIM GLOBAL bank account with your Access Bank bank account or Ecobank bank account and start receiving your daily alerts immediately.

AIM Global pays daily and you will need to authenticate your bank with Alliance In Motion redundant system with the linkage form for payouts/encashments of your earnings.

How to Connect Alliance In Motion Global Bank Account Form Data With Your Bank

There are two ways to actually connect your Alliance In Motion data tracking centre (DTC) with your bank account. AIM Global Linkage Form for Payouts/Encashments

  1. Direct submission at any of our offices nationwide (subject to personal documentation verification)
  2. Online submission through our website (subject to ID and phone verification through the administrator)

Manual Option

The first option will work for you by visiting any of Aimglobal offices in all the countries we have presence worldwide. Kindly take along your means of identification. Note that you must be ready to sign the account linkage form before final vetting by the administration unit to effect the change.

Online Option

If you want to go through the second option, use the form below to provide your information and we will submit it and get it approved quickly.

After 5 business working days of AIM Global bank account form submission, you will have a new option in your dashboard which confirms that you can now withdraw to your bank. Image below tells more about that.

Aim Global Bank Account Form for Encashment and Payouts
Aim Global Bank Account Form for Encashment and Payouts of earnings for distributors. 

Next is, you will see the next page with a form meant for withdrawing of your earnings. It is your duty to fill this form with the amount you intend to encash out of the DTC. After that, you will see the next image below displaying your bank account along with your current account balance.

Encashment of earnings from Alliance In Motion Global
Download your Aim Global bank account linkage form for Encashment and Payouts of earnings for distributors. This form will enable you to submit your bank details for future payments of earnings.

The money will start flowing in immediately the bank account form data has been authenticated with your aimglobal DTC.

If you are having challenges with encashment, do not hesitate to get in touch with us for immediate help.

Fill Online Form And Submit To Link Your Account