Breaking News on Job Security: Access Bank Acquires Diamond Bank!

Breaking news on diminishing job security options in Nigeria as Access Bank acquires Diamond Bank. Some people are about to lose their jobs!

It is no longer newsworthy that Access Bank, one of AIM Global business official bank for paying out commission, has acquired Diamond Bank Plc.

What does that tells you?

Job security should not be your dream this 21st century, if not, you might be having a nightmare.

In fact, in this age, job security is a thing of the past. It is a fallacy!

Every day, you say “I am busy!,” “My job is highly demanding!,” “I can’t just get over it, my boss is asking for more”. 

But my question is, how secure is that your demanding job?

Does your salary commensurate with your demanding job?

If you quit your job right now, how long will it take you to become broke?

If you lose your job right now, where do you fall in?

Is it not yet time to think Plan B?

I think it is high time to think outside the box…in fact, think as there was never a box! Because having a box might be a limiting factor to achieving your dreams or getting out of your comfort zones (your job).

The difference between having a JOB and being an ENTREPRENEUR is called LEVERAGE!

With leverage, you earn while you sleep. Job doesn’t offer you such kind of luxury; however, it could deprive you of it.

It doesn’t cost you more to own your life and stay out of debt for life simply by taking a decision to be financially free. One step by a time, you can walk out of your current financial predicaments simply by unlearning everything that has dragged you down for long.

Go to school, get a good job doesn’t apply to this new economy where you are paid based on your network or call it circle of influence. Your network is your net-worth here! It is your most-prized asset worth keeping tabs on.

In this new economy, you don’t need too much of degrees or certificates, neither do you need to speak too much of gibberish or grammars. You just need to be wise to take the right shot at the right time. That’s all that is required to get up here!

I am proudly an entrepreneur; I earn while I sleep, play, or on vacation. Acquisition or no acquisition, I still get paid!

Am available to show you the way if you so wish to be mentored.

Inbox and let’s talk!!!

And to all our colleagues at Diamond Bank, which is now part of Access Bank Plc., I want to encourage you to step up. This is not the time for you to feel bad about anything, but it is time to:

  • Be smart!
  • Take positive action!
  • Act Now!
  • Don’t wait for the next knock on your office door!

The rich guys has taken the step to protect their empire, don’t be left in the cold in the name of job security.

It is time to work on your dreams. Don’t be let down by this move – you are not in their plans.

Get up and start something on your own terms and ditch job security because it is not going to put food on your table!

And the good news is, AimGlobal allows you to do that!






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