How to Link Your Bank Account with AIM Global account

How to Link Your Bank Account with AIM Global DTC for Encashment

Do you want to know how you can link your bank account to Alliance In Motion Global website? Or you find it difficult to withdraw your earnings from our AIM Global DTC? Or you are at a far distance to our offices nationwide?

Here’s how to link your bank account with your AIM GLOBAL DTC in order to encash your earnings daily. AIM Global is a world-class and an award-winning multi-level marketing giant that has proven over the last nine years to be industry leader. The company holds the record for most loyal and tax-paying company in the Philippines where it was established and also in Nigeria. Needless to say that, all Nigerian distributors and partners of AIM Global Nigeria pay their tax on regular basis.

After registration, and putting all the steps explained in our compensation plan into action, what next is to link your bank account with your DATA TRACKING CENTER (DTC) for encashment purpose. It wouldn’t have been easy for all distributors if not for strategic partnership which has ensued between the company and all of its partners companies across the world.

In Nigeria, the company is in partnership with Access Bank and Ecobank for encashment and we are working on integrating all other major banks in Nigeria into the system, but before then, here in this article is the process for connecting your bank account with AIM Global account without hassle.

Please Note:
This process is exclusively for AIM APEX TEAM MEMBERS nationwide. We will inform you when we extended this service to other members outside our team. We do this to minimize stress of linkage and fast-track the processing period.

How to Connect/Link Your AIM GLOBAL account with Access Bank or Ecobank

How to Link Your Bank Account with AIM Global account
Do you want to know how to link your bank account to AIM Global website or you find it difficult to withdraw your earnings from Alliance in Motion earnings?

Sample below is a form that you will have to fill in order to submit/link your bank account and user details for your account linkage to AIMGLOBAL. The form has been moved to this page to enable you to submit your data without hassle.

Just fill the form as you’ve told and provide your signature at the end of the form. You can upload your signature or use your full name as the signatory. The document will be presented to the right authority and you will get a response within 5-7 working days.







52 responses to “How to Link Your Bank Account with AIM Global DTC for Encashment”

  1. Jide Avatar

    Hello Olawale
    How to join E-book is showing page not found.
    i will be happy if you can forward it to me via my email address

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      We will do that as soon as possible.

      Thanks for the notice.

  2. Gerald Akangerald Avatar
    Gerald Akangerald

    So nice and empowerful

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      I am happy that it helps solve any issue you might have faced. Wealthcome on board.

  3. saleem yousaf Avatar
    saleem yousaf

    Sir aim is a big opperchunty for poor nd honest hard wrker peoples.

  4. Oyedemi Oyejide Avatar
    Oyedemi Oyejide

    Hi Mr Daniel,I have been trying to reach you,there was a time I received an sms from you…..WELCOME….,I didn’t know what you mean,but for long now,I have being unable to log into d account you created for me,this make it difficult for me to bring in anyone.pls do something

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      I am so sorry for the challenges you might have faced as a result of this but could you please chat me directly on +2348166196130 or call me directly. I will help you get this sorted sir. Thank you very much.
      – Olawale Daniel

  5. Richard Patterson Kaire Avatar
    Richard Patterson Kaire

    Hi, I am interest in this program, I am not a member of this network but I fill like getting more information, My friend share this message with me and I am excited to join this program, Please send me more information regarding this program.

    1. Daniel Avatar

      Get in touch with the admin on his contact for help. Or fill the bank account linkage form to do that.

    2. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Drop your contact for one of our representatives to give you a call. Thanks Richard.

  6. allan Avatar

    Connect my online account with my anz bank account number: 14321327 wewak branch

  7. Hutheyfa Avatar

    Ecobank link. I have an account already but still my application hasn’t been approved yet. Please help me out

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      May I know which branch you submitted the application for bank linking?

      If you could provide this information, I can help you follow it up. Meanwhile, you can refill the account linkage form on our Aim Global bank account form page.

      We will re-initiate the process for you.


  8. Olado Emmanuel Avatar
    Olado Emmanuel


  9. Nora angeles adjawon Avatar
    Nora angeles adjawon

    Hi…how to know my savings in aim global…

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      What do you mean by your savings?

      1. Igor Samuel Avatar
        Igor Samuel

        Can I link my UBA account to AIM global?

        1. Olawale Daniel Avatar


          Encashment is working for both Access Bank and Ecobank presently.

  10. Suleman Avatar

    please Daniel am Suleman Iddris from Ghana i want to link my bank bank account to my Aim Global account so presse help me out

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Kindly email me or text +2348166196130 on Whatsapp for me to help you properly. Thanks Suleman.

      AimGlobal is the best for you.

      1. kamilu olabisi Avatar
        kamilu olabisi

        pls sir ,I couldn’t cash my money after the first cash…pls wot can u do to help me with this

        1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

          Did you mean after your first withdrawal, you’ve found it difficult to encash since then?

          If that’s the case, I’d personally would love to help you troubleshoot what could have caused that.

          Initially, once your account has been attached or linked successfully with your AIMGLOBAL DTC, you are allowed to withdraw back and forth. But with this scenario, it might be that you’ve withdrawn the cash and it got caught up by the current Nigerian banking system failure and flops. You might have to contact your bank for help or provide us the data for the withdrawal.

          One of our representatives will revert back to you to get it resolved.

          However, if the case is different from what I explained above, please reply back and be more clear and concise in your explanations.


  11. ayobami olabisi Avatar
    ayobami olabisi

    pls ,I can cash my money after the first enchashment…pls help me

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Please, could you be more precise in your explanations?

      Let us know what happened so we could help immediately.


  12. Adeniyi Taoheedat Avatar
    Adeniyi Taoheedat

    Please I have joined the train of this business since August and my account is yet to be linked. Please help me see to it as I don’t know why it’s this delayed.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Please may I know where you submitted your account linkage form to? And if possible, you could provide the details so we could help you follow it through.

      In most cases, you might end up not filling the form rightly or you mismatch your bank account (BVN registered) details with the one submitted. That way, it may delay the aimglobal DTC linkage processs.

      Please provide the details requested for and let’s try to see if possible it could be effected or better still, take another trip/walk towards the closest offices to you so you can follow it up by yourself.

  13. ETIM EDIM Avatar

    Pls sir, does AIM Global pay one match bonus every day, or it pays one match bonus just once?

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Just once per new registration or product purchase under your team.

      Please be guarded.


  14. Ssemwanga pogba Avatar
    Ssemwanga pogba

    A soon to join this company

  15. Ijamu Adole Bishop Avatar
    Ijamu Adole Bishop

    I want to withdraw my earnings they are telling me invalid amount format

  16. James Ojiehanon Avatar
    James Ojiehanon

    I love the DTC.

  17. cathy yaki Avatar
    cathy yaki

    Can you please help me how to access my account as I am in the very remote place of PNG, How to login in and check the balance

  18. Mutinta Mainess Avatar
    Mutinta Mainess

    Please help me join maybe i will be able to make a living for me and my family

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Call me to discuss this further 🙂

  19. David Ndandula Libingi Avatar
    David Ndandula Libingi

    I am an Aimglobal distributor in Zambia. Please advice whether I am to link my Aimglobal Account to my Bank Account for encashments.

    I know the other encashment option is by cheque. In that case advise how the cheque will reach me and in what period of time?


    thanks i have my balance bt cannot encash pliz assist

  21. Stanley Ndero Avatar
    Stanley Ndero

    Link up my account with the BDO

  22. Aango kuburah Avatar
    Aango kuburah

    I wanna build my system

  23. James kuje John Avatar
    James kuje John

    Good warden like to success

  24. James kuje John Avatar

    How to windrow money from my aim account

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Connect your bank ? and you can start withdrawing your earnings.

  25. James A. Diggen Avatar
    James A. Diggen

    I want to assess my account but no way.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Kindly visit the nearest office to reset your password.

  26. James Ojiehanon Avatar
    James Ojiehanon

    I am a member, but I found it difficult to link my account to access bank.Thanks, I can try now.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Kindly visit the nearest AimGlobal office ? to log a complaint about this. I’m sure you’ll get it resolved soonest.

  27. Emmah Avatar

    I want to get in my account but l can’t l want check

  28. Rozy Avatar

    Please I want to encash my money and am not close to any aim global office…. What do I do

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Please confirm that you have linked your AimGlobal account with your Access Bank or Ecobank account number?

  29. Kaine ikechukwu Avatar
    Kaine ikechukwu

    How can I get my account link?

  30. Michael A Obisesan Avatar
    Michael A Obisesan

    How to connect my AimGlobal to my Access Bank Account

  31. Ibe patience chizoba Avatar
    Ibe patience chizoba

    Please link my account number ,I want to enchash my money

  32. Aliyu Alhaji Haruna Avatar
    Aliyu Alhaji Haruna

    Yet to link my account

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