10 Unconventional Ways to Sponsor More Downlines in Your Network Marketing Business

Are you new in AIM Global business? Do you want to learn how to sponsor more downlines to your network marketing business?

Discover how to sponsor more downlines in your AIM Global network marketing business without stepping on wrong toes. 

Building an empire in network marketing industry starts with introducing others to see what you’ve seen. The excitement to bring all our friends, relatives and co-workers into the company as soon as possible has most of the time blocked our views of the reality that no everyone has dreams just.

“Network marketing is not for everyone because, NOT EVERYONE has goals. Stop trying to make everyone around you goal-oriented.” 
― Olawale Daniel

Let’s get it right, you can’t help everybody around you, but you can ONLY try to offer help. It is left for them (these people) to either embrace the offer or not to.

Now that you know the truth, it’s time we move ahead with the agenda of the day; sponsoring more people this year!

How To Sponsor More Downlines To Your AIM Global Business

Do you want to sponsor more people into your front line this month or you are having challenges converting strangers to business partners in your MLM business? Discover how to sponsor more downlines into your new network marketing business without getting anyone’s nerves.

This article is divided into two major categories; first is the character you need to have in order to sponsor more people into your network marketing business. The second category detailed the particular tool you need and how to properly use it to your advantage.


Following are five chronologically crucial ways to sponsor more downlines in your network marketing business based on character:

1. Decision Making Is Very Important

First of all, any networker, be it professional or beginner, must begin with personal and individualized decision without which no networker could be referred to as a downline sponsoring monster. The beginning of wisdom and success in aim global business is to decide to speak to others about aim global.

Take note: Never make an attempt to despise the little beginning which is DECISION MAKING. So make a decision to sponsor more downlines.

2. Ask For Permission

People or prospects really want to be treated honorifically. Always take note that you cannot force anyone who already has the consciousness that he owns choice and that life is by choice and not by chance. So you have to make a polite request for their permission. Even though you are offering them a genuine treasure that serves as a life time source of residual income, yet you must not jump the “protocol 2: PERMISSION”. Be polite in asking for their permission to speak with them. Remember that AIM GLOBAL BUSINESS is a people-to-people money making business. Therefore, respect the dignity of the would-be downlines of yours. With this tool, being able to sponsor more downlines would be made fun.

3. Your Posture Says It All – Work on It

This is a very pertinent tool to sponsor more downlines in AIM Global business. Posture is the next in the queue of tools required to sponsor more people in your AIM Global business after permission to speak is gotten. What does posture really mean? It simply connotes holding one`s ground during the course of business presentation. Once a prospect releases permission to speak about AIM Global business, them it`s left to me as a marketer to share my business opportunity with anyone lacking it. Moreover, if rejection is hurled at your offer, never try to be desperate but you are only expected to hold your ground. No flirting! No hissing! Let go of that rejection thrown at your offer and go on keeping a normal relationship with such. It`s business time that hangs, social lifetime never ends. As time goes on, and the efficacy of your business potentials is observed by those who once rejected your business offer, they will return to you. So never mind!

4. Interrogation Protocol (CTRL+ASK)

Possibly after gaining your ground through your prospect`s permission, move along to ask few questions in their other of importance in order to reckon with their financial problems and to as well position your business as the solution means to solve their problems. Here, you do not need any permission to ask question from a prospect. Go ahead interrogating as long as you are gaining response to every question asked. Once AIM Global business is figuratively seen as the only solution to problems by such prospect. Then what next?

5. Tackle Questions from Prospect (s)

Prospect might be puzzled with reasons they should listen to you or why they should accept your offer (to join your Alliance In Motion Global business), get them to know of the binary system of AIM Global business. They need to know that it`s not for them to WORK HARD but only to WORK SMART. Also to buttress reasons they should accept your offer, talk of the incentives embedded in AIM Global network marketing business plan. Move along to let them know the fulfillment a prospect could get through its empowerment, discuss your team structure and how you work together to achieve the ultimate goal and so on.


Following are five ways to sponsor more downlines by leveraging social media tools such as Facebook to promote your business.

  1. Decide on getting new leads daily
  2. Connect with new people through friendship
  3. Be an epitome of lifestyle you preach
  4. Know the difference between advertising and providing value
  5. Beware of sharks (people to stay clear of while starting fresh)
  6. Getting the recruitment started (very important)

Following are tools you can leverage on for sponsoring more people to your team this year. Mastering the art of using any of these tools would help your business and catapult your team to the top of the ladder. Don’t joke with any of them.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • Video content creation

1. Lead Generation (generate warm leads daily using Facebook)

There are many techniques for lead generation in network marketing. You can use social media to massively recruit more downlines into your front line. Facebook alone is a powerful tool you can leverage on. In order to be a master sponsor using facebook, commitment is highly required. It is a straightforward process.

Here’s a caution though!

  • Avoid posting of ref. links to your aim global company links on social media.
  • Avoid posting is conference call link.

Deadly Expressions to Avoid in Facebook Lead Generation:

You must, in all sincerity, avoid the following expression;

“Join my business, there is no network marketing company like aim global.”

and in a nutshell, in order to sponsor more downlines to your team, avoid being negative about your would-be-downlines. Don’t say:

“…you are just wasting your time doing that job/business.”

The fact that they have decided not to join your business doesn’t mean you should disrespect their decision. Respect their decisions and even be supportive and focus on your business. Your attitude will determine your altitude in sponsoring more people.

2. Connection or Friendship

Your goal for using social media is to become an upline of more downlines. In order to excels, connect with people, befriend them because facebook is a relationship tool. Relate with them till you generate market warmly by finding the perfect prospect for your home business. Avoid using your facebook profile as marketing megaphone for your friend. By adding to this protocols, you are good sponsor more downlines.

3. Showing the Lifestyle

Imagine meeting someone for the first time, you don’t sell but first of all socialize. You don’t just present or say join; that would be too unreasonable. Rather, you build a normal lifestyle relationship of which your own goal is to create no room for distances but juxtaposition and to make them business partners. Therefore, reckon with their lifestyle before bringing up your own business lifestyle. That will show to your would-be downlines that you are nothing special or different from them and later they will realize what has created the differences in you (your Aim Global business opportunity).

4. Define Your Style and Stick to It (You Don’t Have to Separate Your Profile)

You don’t need to separate your profile. Your Facebook profile could still be utilized for your business. Though people have different perspectives and notions but a suggestion I’d be giving is that it is better you have your Facebook profile as your business office. But avoid embarrassing others on your profile. It has to be strictly professional. You’ve got to be yourself.

Don’t leave your Fb page blank for so long so that people can know what you are up to just by browsing through your profile.

Identify the difference between advertising your services and providing real value to your friends. When you are man of value, people will find you.

5. Stay Away from These People

There are sharks in every ocean. You just need to learn how to separate these sharks from doves. On your way to the top in network marketing (in promoting your AIM Global business), you’ll be faced with challenges. My goal is to give you some pointers of kind of challenges ahead and people you’d meet.

Beware of these people:

  • Negative people: No matter how good something is, they’d certainly tell you one million reasons why it could never be good.
  • Time wasters: Facebook alone housed over 90% of time wasters. They are everywhere and are looking for those they could hang around or spend time with. If your dream is very important to you, then pursue it with all manner of seriousness.

Let the Recruiting Begins!

Now, what happens after all these amazing training? You go out there and make your dream come through. Start implementing what you’ve learnt. You are never too late but you are actually getting late if you don’t act now. Somebody, somewhere else, is already thinking of doing what you are just about to start. So don’t wait any longer.

This excellent post was originally contributed by Ifeolu Adeolu of AIM APEX TEAM. Properly edited and improved on by Olawale Daniel.






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  1. Temity Avatar

    Nice post Mr Adeolu, keep it up, I we seen you on top

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      You are welcome Mr. Temity. Thanks for your encouraging words to Mr. Ifeolu Adeolu. He’s such a cool headed business man with bright future ahead of him in the business. These 10 unconventional ways to sponsor more people aren’t just excellent, they are practical and effective for anyone who would love to get more downlines registered.

      Follow the guide and enjoy your ride to stardom. 🙂

  2. Stepha Iheanacho Avatar
    Stepha Iheanacho

    Since I joined this team, I have always enjoyed some of your professional touch and excellent to team building. I have no fear in sponsoring more downlines in my team because I have got the roadmap from the team leader.

    Special appreciate to Mr. Adeolu for putting up this very helpful guide. And also to our ever reliable Olawale Daniel for all the efforts to keep pushing me forward to achieving my dreams in life. I will surely do you proud someday.

    – _Stepha Iheanacho_

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